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In this review, we will look at the Cheap SSL Shop is an authorized SSL provider offers SSL certificate at affordable rates that you need to protect your website from cyber-attacks. For your online business, you need a strong reputation over the web; you need to ensure your site visitors and customers that they can connect with your site in a secure online environment. Thus, you are required to install SSL certificate to build trust in your customers.

However, why would a business need to install an SSL certificate? By enabling HTTPS on your site, you prove to your customers that their confidential information is safe. The certificate will also assure your clients that their banking information, credit cards details, and other sensitive information will be safe during and after completing their online transactions. Another reason why an SSL certificate is necessary for your online transactions is its ability to protect your entire website against phishers or intruders who can break in and steal valuable customer and organization information. Lastly, an SSL certificate will help you to attract more potential customers and retain old customers because you have convinced them that they are trading in a secured web environment.


Different types of SSL Certificates

You can browse and compare various types of SSL certificates at Cheap SSL Shop to meet your business security requirements. Learn more about different types of SSL certificates includes the following:

  • Domain Validated SSL

Domain validated SSL certificates are suitable for individuals and smaller companies who want to secure their single domain. Applicants are not supposed to provide any legal documents regarding their businesses to issue such kind of certificates.

This type of SSL certificate has distinctive features such as quick issuance, maximum installation support, and affordability that pricing starts from $4.95 per year at this site.

  • Organization Validated SSL

To obtain Organization Validated SSL certificate, a Certification Authority (CA) thoroughly check applicant’s domain ownership as well as validates business documents. So. customers can see the identity of your organization over the web by clicking on view SSL certificate in browser’s address bar. This way, the company builds the trust in their customers. The good side of it is that after applying, it takes two days to issue an OV SSL certificate. OV SSL pricing starts from $62/yr.

  • EV SSL Certificates

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate comes in as the best option for guarding against phishing onslaughts. It comes with a green address bar that gives a visitor an assurance that they are free from phishing attacks as they transact on your website. It provides 256-bit encryption and it works well with most of the desktop and mobile web browsers. EV SSL certificate allows the verification of the legal, operational, and physical existence of a company. CA also validates an identity of Enterprise as per the official records. EV SSL pricing starts from $79 per year.

  • Wildcard SSL

These types of SSL certificates are ideal for those companies, who need the protection of an unlimited number of first level sub domains under a single SSL certificate. Additionally, Wildcard SSL certificates allow businesses to save money and time. Such certificates work with both www and non-www domains. Wildcard SSL certificate available from $51/yr. At Cheap SSL Shop.

  • UCC/SAN Multi Domain SSL Certificates:

If you are running your online business over multiple domains and sub domains and requires security on single SSL certificate then UCC/SAN Multi Domain SSL certificates would be an ideal option, which allows a business to avoid problems that arise from setting up multiple SSL certificates. At Cheap SSL Shop, customers can renew their certificates anytime. It is compatible with 99% web browsers and it comes with a $1500 NetSure warranty. Multi domain SSL certificate price starts from $30 per year.

Why choose Cheap SSL Shop?

For all the time Cheap SSL Shop has been in the market, the company has carved itself a name as a friendly partner that allows organizations to obtain quality and cheap SSL certificates. Here are compelling reasons, why you choose Cheap SSL Shop:

  • All SSL certificates offer customers a 99% compatibility with browsers.
  • SSL certificates come along with a free trusted CA “seal” to display on your site.
  • All SSL certificates offer a 2048-bit encryption.
  • Cheap SSL Shop offers same quality SSL certificates at most competitive rates in the market today.
  • SSL certificates free unlimited reissue of their certificates any time before expiration.
  • All types of SSL certificates will be issued to customers from reliable and worldwide popular certificate authorities such as Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, RapidSSL, and Thawte.
  • Buyers can get SSL certificates from anywhere and they can pay using convenient payment options.
  • The company offers excellent 24/7 customer support service. The customer gets live chat support during the buying, configuring, and usage of the certificate.
  • Buyers will have a variety of SSL certificates options such as DV SSL, OV SSL, EV SSL, Multi domain (SAN) SSL and Wildcard SSL.

Final thoughts:

Now, you are informed with all you need to know about Cheap SSL Shop including their offers, different types of  SSL certificates at cheapest pricing. If you are seeking an affordable and qualitative SSL certificate provider, then you have no better direction to look than Cheap SSL Shop.


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