Codelobster PHP Edition Review – Free Portable IDE for PHP

Programmers and web developers always look for a convenient, easy to use, and comfortable editor (IDE) which is able to efficiently write error free codes and improve speed. There are various such cool editors available in the internet but most of them wear a price tag.

In this article we will review a simple, easy to use and convenient editor (IDE), CodeLobster PHP Edition which can be downloaded and used totally free of any cost.


There is a free and a pro version of the editor. The free version is very easy to use and convenient editor. On the other hand, the pro version supports development more or less on almost all popular PHP based frameworks,  JavaScript library and CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii framework, Symfony, Node.js, Laravel, Twig, jQuery and Smarty.


CodeLobster PHP Edition is free portable editor (IDE) which has the potential to write CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML codes very fast.

Up next, we will discuss some features, and capabilities of Codelobster PHP Edition editor.


Auto Completion –

As the name conveys, Codelobster PHP Edition is more convenient with PHP than other languages. This editor can recognize project structure and comes with full list of methods, functions and classes for PHP. Otherwise, the auto completion feature works for not only PHP but also CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Code Highlighting –

This editor will make your writing more comfortable by highlighting different codes with different colors. This editor is capable of highlighting different codes in different colors even when you write mixed codes such as a combination of HTML, PHP, JavaScript and or CSS within a single file. Further, you will be able to chose code color schemes according to your choice.

HTML & CSS Code Inspector –

Suppose you have a very big HTML or CSS program. In other words, you have a HTML or CSS program having thousands of lines. In that case, the code inspector will guide you to easily find out HTML elements and its related CSS styles so that you can make modifications over the coding easily.

PHP Debugger –

This editor comes with a built in PHP debugging tool. All you have to do is configure the debugging tool. With this, you will be able to test your PHP code or code snippets in time of development. Your development process will be paced up.

Context Help for different codes –

If you want to check out detailed description of a particular code then all you have to do is select the attribute or tag or function from  the code and then press F1 key from keyboard. This will open up the context help page for you.

FTP Support –

By using FTP/SFTP, you will be able to directly connect with any remote server and easily edit remote files.

Other Features –

However, these are not only the features or advantages of Codelobster PHP Edition editor. There are some more features to check out:

  • Can be used without installing
  • Split window to compare code
  • Paired highlighting option for attributes and tags
  • Within current block, there is paired selection option for content
  • Project management
  • Tooltip
  • Browser preview
  • Bookmark
  • Code collapsing for JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and CSS

Conclusion –

We recommend you to use the free version of CodeLobster PHP Edition editor for your next project. It is not only easy to use and convenient but also feature rich.

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