Increase User Engagement and Monetize your web/app through CometChat

If you are in search of a good chat solution for your website then CometChat might be a good choice. In this article, we will review CometChat.

What is CometChat?

CometChat is a website chat software. It works cross platform on not only desktop, mobile and website but also on the cloud. This wonderful software is loaded with a handful of unique features that will immediately help you to improve your website interactivity. The software binds together almost all well known content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, BuddyPress, and many others.

ComeTChat Review

In short, visitors will be glued to your site for longer period than before. CometChat informs you when your clients or partners of clients are online and also lets them chat with each other. In this way, you will be able to create an amazing experience for your users. You will be able to handle all this even from your handset through its mobile app. You must be wondering, how it actually works. We have a demo for you. Click Here for Demo.

Up next, we will tell you about some features of this wonderful software, CometChat.

Detailed Features of CometChat:

·         Video Call –

Video conferences are good for group video chat sessions but when things need to be done more personally, a video call is a far better option. CometChat also lets you video call your client or partner. All you have to do is click on the video call icon and send a request to the person you want to video chat with.

·         Video Conference –

Users will be able to indulge in group discussion or video conference with each other. Initially, one user has to initiate a video conference with other members by sharing a link. Those who want to connect can click on the link and join the video discussion or presentation. All of this is available in CometChat chat room.

·         Real time Translation –

This feature helps to translate a native text language into a standard language or vice versa. This helps to overcome language barriers and freely communicate with each other.

·         Stickers and Emojis –

Today, a chat conversation is incomplete without Emojis and stickers. The sharing of Emojis, GIFs, and stickers helps to create a strong friendly bond irrespective of the business field. CometChat allows you to share interesting and vibrant emojis, stickers and GIFs to get into a healthier conversation.

·         File Sharing –

The software allows your website visitors to share photos, documents, spreadsheets, videos, audios and other various other file types.

Up next, we will let you know some more extra features or rather, advantages of using CometChat –

Advantages of CometChat:

·         Social Network:

There are plenty social network plug-ins connected with CometChat so that you can spread your business voice. You will be able to share your page on social sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

·         Games:

CometChat comes with a number of supported games. Basically, it makes sure that your website visitors spend some more time in your site. Users can indulge in single player or multiple player games here.

a) Single Player game-

Single player games are both addictive as well as recreational. Your visitors will enjoy this kind of games and prefer spending some time to score high in a recreation game rather than waiting for other visitors to come online.

b) Multiple player games –

Multiple player games are always competitive and addictive. In today’s world full of competition, users will love to spend some time competing with other online players than to wait for everyone to come online and be in the mood of healthy business interaction. To play a multiple player game, all you have to do is open a game by accepting someone else’s game request or sending a game request to the community.

CometChat Price:

CometChat comes with 3 different price plans. Let’s take a look at them:

a) Professional Plan –

It is a one time investment and it costs $129. This plan is in general for small sites. Under this plan, you will get a brand free edition, transliterate plug-in, Gtalk friends chat, a real time translation module and message broadcast module.

b) Premium Plan –

It is a one time investment and it costs $249. As the name suggests, this is a premium plan. Under this plan, you will get Gtalk friend chat, message broadcast module, save conversation plug in, a real time translation module, brand free edition, transliterate plug-in, mobile browser compatibility, advertisements extension, and assured installation.

c) Platinum Plan –

It is a one time investment and it costs $499. It is for pro users. Under this plan, you will get Gtalk friend chat, message broadcast module, a real time translation module; save conversation plug-in, transliterate plug-in, brand free edition, mobile browser compatibility, advertisement extension, assured installation, audio chat Plug-in, video chat Plug-in, Broadcast plug-in, video conference plug-in and Screen sharing plug-in.


The one and only drawback is that you will be offered all features only under the Platinum Plan. Otherwise, this is good for beginners. If you want to simply increase the level of user engagement on your site and enhance the experience of visitors then you can try out CometChat software once. However, choose your plan according to your requirements only otherwise you might end up buying the costly Platinum plan which is not needed.

If you are having any trouble with CometChat software, let us know by commenting in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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