Cometdocs Desktop App Offers Lightning Fast File Conversions and More

Anyone who has had the need to convert files for free online has probably run into a service called Cometdocs at some point. On the scene for well over five years now, the service has evolved over the years, though high quality file conversion is still its bread and butter. The service is perfect for anyone looking to convert PDFs into other file formats in order to free up the data locked inside the PDF. It is also great for converting a variety of file types into PDF.
Since its inception, Cometdocs has turned into a full-fledged document management service that not only offers great conversion capabilities, but also cloud storage and file transfer features. Another great thing about Cometdocs is that the service continues to evolve and introduce new tools that make it even more convenient to use. One such tool is the new Cometdocs Desktop App. It makes converting files from your PC fast and more efficient than ever, without sacrificing any of the quality and accuracy that Cometdocs’ conversion capabilities are known for.
Check out how it works and how it can improve your everyday PC productivity.

You’ll never have to open your browser again to perform conversions

Like most online file conversion services, Cometdocs was previously available only via web browser. With the desktop app, you can perform your file conversions without ever having to open your browser, much less visit the site. Most free online file converters ask you to upload your files via their website, submit your email and then wait for a download link to arrive.
With the Cometdocs Desktop App, you can avoid that entire process and convert your files directly from your PC desktop.

Conversions are performed with literally one, single click of the mouse

There is literally just one step in the conversion process when using the Cometdocs Desktop App.
Find the file you wish to convert and right-click on it. On the menu, look for the circular, orange Cometdocs logo.
If you are converting a PDF, click on the “Convert To” option and select the type of file you want your PDF converted into.
If you are creating a PDF out of another file type, select the “Create PDF” option. 
And you’re done. The file is immediately sent to the Cometdocs server, converted, and then download back to your computer automatically. The newly converted file will be downloaded into the same folder in which your original file is located.

Integrate the app with your favorite cloud storage service

You can also use the app with any cloud storage service you use. Just open your Google Drive, Dropbox or any other folder, and perform the exact same right-click conversion process. 
As soon as the file is converted, it will be downloaded back into the same folder, and therefore immediately synched in the cloud. 
If you would like to use Cometdocs as your go-to cloud storage service, you can do it through the desktop app as well. Right click on the file you want to store and select “Send To > Cometdocs.” The file will be immediately uploaded to your Cometdocs account.
If this sounds like something that would come in very handy for you, all you need to do is register a free account with Cometdocs and then download and install the free app to check it out. The app can be downloaded from here.
It’s probably the fastest way to convert files online for free, but at the same time, the accuracy and high quality conversions that Cometdocs has gained a reputation for are still present. 
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