Automatically Accept Facebook Group Member’s Requests [How to]

Facebook is the biggest Social Network which let us to use it for free. By using Facebook, we’re chatting with our friends and we’re finding new friends. Chatting is the best way to develop our friendship. We’re creating Facebook Groups for free for our small gang’s. Earlier, I shared Cute & Funny Emoticons for Facebook Chat. Now, I’m here with new awesome Facebook trick.

Automatically Accept Facebook Group Member's Requests [How to]

After our friendship we’re are creating new Groups in Facebook. Facebook Groups is a popular service which is usually useful for interacting with your friends or with the people who are over the internet. There you can share news, new stuffs everyday with them. This will helps you to increase your blog’s traffic. But, in this admin section who need to accept all your members request one by one. This is an difficult task for you. But, you should accept all those request to make them member for your group. So here is an best solution for this case.

I searched this topic over the intenet and I’ve found the best solution for this case. I got the best wasy to Automatically Confirm Facebook Group Member’s Requests from HackingUniversity. So, I thank Rishabh Jain for this awesome trick.

By using this trick or method, you can automatically Confirm Facebook Group Member’s Requests. This trick is done with the help of JavaScript. This trick will also works for adding your Facebook friends automatically to your group. Awesome ah..? For using this method in your Facebook account just follow my simple tutorial given below. Here the tutorial starts.

Automatically Confirm Facebook Group Member’s Requests

Step 1: First go to Facebook >> Group Member Request Page.

Step 2: Then Open Console menu on your browser. Use these keys for opening it in your browser. For Google Chrome press Ctrl + Shift + J, for Mozilla Firefox press Ctrl + Shift + K and for Safari Browser press Ctrl + Alt + I and go Ahead!

Automatically Accept Facebook Group Member's Requests [How to]

Step 3: Now, press Esc button and paste the JavaScript code given below into it and press Enter key.  Take a look on the above given screenshot.

for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){

Enjoy guys!! Now every request would be accepted automatically. You don’t need to accept every request one by one. Hope this method makes your work easier and quicker. If you’re having any better trick than this, then make us to know it in comments. Kindly share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments below. Have some fun guys 🙂

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