Is it Worth Connecting your App to the Cloud?

With the cloud architecture becoming one of the emerging technologies for enabling limitless online sharing and navigation, a large majority of entrepreneurs have started connecting their business app to the cloud. Although cloud enabling of apps has become the best idea for business success, there are individuals who’re still confused whether they should proceed ahead with connecting their app to the cloud architecture. My main aim behind writing this post is to help you dig deep into the aspects related to connecting your app to the cloud.

Outward Mobility comes by default with cloud-enabling of app

Unlike restricting the website users to a single server, connecting it to the cloud provides the users with multiple servers, thereby preventing overcrowding on individual servers. Accessibility comes as a brilliance of cloud. Since all the data uploaded to the cloud can be easily accessed via any internet-enabled source, cloud-connected apps can work flawlessly in remote locations as well.

Cloud-enabling of app- Best option for large business Organizations

Connecting App to the Cloud

There are lots of companies such Facebook and many more that have availed iPhone App Developers for Hire as today’s internet giants including Amazon and Facebook are running smoothly just because of the cloud. Also, many large corporate houses have been successful in making a significant profit by using and integrating cloud into their business apps. With a majority of public cloud services being sold on a scaled basis, financially strong entrepreneurs have been able to leverage their best potential for availing individual business benefits.

Cloud- What it means for data sharing?

Since the cloud operates on public Wi-Fi networks, anyone can easily connect his/her device(s) to it for quick access from any part of the world. There’s a growing need for recognizing the fact that using a cloud app doesn’t mean that you’ll be immune to viruses and Trojans. The protocol of using internet on a computer applies to using cloud-connected applications. The streamlined universal habitation of a cloud app makes it easy to manipulate. If you’re a business owner, you’d probably want to frequently update or reconstruct your app. Here, a cloud connection would just turn to be your best made decision.

Google Cloud Save – To connect your Apps

Connecting App to the Cloud
A service that will connect your app to a back-end platform

Once you subscribe to the Google Cloud Save service, you’ll get the freedom from doing any coding for connecting your app to a back-end platform. Any backend data for your app will be automatically stored into Google Cloud Database. All you need to do is simply inform Google Cloud Platform about the type of data you want to save and when you want to save the same.

Google Cloud Endpoints

An effective service for streamlining information shared between the back-end and the actual application.

After having set up a backend platform for your app, you’ll require a service that would enable you to streamline the information that’s shared between the backend and the actual app. For this, Google Cloud Endpoints is the service you can trust on. This service handles all the communication occurring between the app administrator and the backend, making it easier for you to perform any changes and collecting data from the app.

New Relic – Cloud-monitoring service worth a purchase

Connecting app to the Cloud

Once you’re done with connecting your app to the cloud, ensuring its seamless performance might be your sole concern. For this, purchasing a good cloud-monitoring service such as New Relic will  act as your best bet. Here, one thing which you need to consider is the pricing of the service. If you’re a startup then subscribing to the “little” version of New Relic is suitable and if you’re an established enterprise then the “bigger” version will do the job.

Cloud- A new market for small businesses and developers

With cloud computing entering the mainstream, there’s a considerable growth in the count of companies that are offering cloud services to different types of enterprises. Cloud has served as a brand new marketplace for small businesses and app developers as it offers the opportunity of connecting with other developers who’re busy transitioning their app to the cloud.

Wrapping Up

From everything that’s been covered above, it’s clear that switching to cloud-connected version for your app is definitely backed by incredible advantages. With cloud computing holding a strong presence in the web world, the process of cloud-enabling your app seems to be the right option for gaining an edge over your peers.

“Update: IOTransfer provides you a saver way for data sharing and iPhone transfer, compared with the Cloud. You can sync photos, music, videos, apps back and forth between multiple iDevices at the same time, just by connecting you devices to computer at the same time.”

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