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Everybody knows how important a PDF file is to save the information safely in a document. Since a PDF file is a portable format, it is very safe to save the information in this format. But what if you want to change the format? Whenever you get this doubt, you start searching for the tools online to do this favour for you, right? Well, I too have done the same since many days, but finally what  I found is there is something called iStonsoft PDF to word converter that can convert the files very easily within just a few clicks. I’m recommending this one because, its an easy way to do. The images in this will also be converted to the desired format and also you can review the original files after conversion with a flexible comfort.

istonsoft Review

So, in this article, I’m going to share the features of it and a step by step process on how to convert a PDF file to Word. Before gettting into the deep of the article, let me give a small intorduction about it. iStonsoft is available for different operating systems seperately like Windows 7/8 and Mac OS seperately. This can be used to convert the PDF files to any format you would like to convert. All you need to do is a just clicks to get the files converted to the desired format.

Basically, there are three steps to convert a PDF file to Word Format: let us have a glance into this now,

Using this tutorial, you can easily get the answer of How to convert PDF to Word. Here we go:

Needless to say that you have to install the iStonsoft to do this:

Step 1:

After opening the tool, click on the ‘Add file’ button to insert the files yo would like to convert. You can see the files once you upload them into the tool. Not just one by one, you can upload too many files or a folder contaning many files into the list.

Step 2:

You can see numerous output formats like Txt, Image, Word, HTML, ePub, and much more. You can choose the output file you would like to have. As here you are converting the PDF files to Word files, you can choose PDF to Word.

Step 3:

Here you can define the page range for the file you would like to convert. You can choose if you want to convert the entire file or some pages in the file. If you want to convert only a few pages, then you can specify the pages you would like to convert.

Step 4:

That’s it! Since everything is crystal clear now, you can start conversion for the PDF file. Here you need to click on the Convert button to being the conversion of PDF file to Word document.

The process is very easy, isn’t it!?

Final word: I have tried this. Now it’s your turn to give a try for the conversion of PDF fiels to Word. You will find it very easy, all it need is a few clicks, work will be done.

Like I mentioned above, the converter is available individually for Mac and Windows versions too. Let us have a look at them and their features.

iStonsoft PDF Convertor For Windows

PDF(Protable Document Format) is one of the very few ways to save your information for a permanent purpose. Using a PDF file, you have the option of saving it and it has the flexibility of using under any operating system, application software and hardware. But sometimes you have to change the formats and you need a convertor for that purpose. This is where you will search for this type of convertor which can convert the PDF files into the desired format. There are many convertors, but I suggest you iStonsoft PDF Convertor. It’s a worth try because it lets you transform the documents, photos, and even web pages without any fault. iStonsoft PDF converter helps you to convert the file into ePub, Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel, Word), Image, HTML and Text files swiftly. You can preserve the images and other information about the file after conversion. You can enjoy the rapid and easy conversion with just a few clicks.


iSotnsoft Features:

Converts PDF into more than 7 formats:

Like said above, iStonsoft can convert the PDF into 7 different formats. Here are a few in detail:

Convert from PDF to HTML: This means converting the file into a web page. This conversion helps you to view the content in web browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera..

Convert from PDF to images: It can transform into the popular image formats like JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP.

Convert PDF to Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel): You can convert them into the different forms of MS Office as in Word, PowerPoint, Presentation, Excel spreadsheets within seconds.

Convert PDF to ePub: It can convert into the ePub friendly devices like Apple iPad, iPod touch, Sony Reader, iPhone devices.

Convert PDF to text: It can convert a file into a readable text within fraction of seconds.

High conversion speed and good conversion quality

Batch Conversion: Without waiting for each file to get converted, you can convert a batch of files at a time by just dragging and dropping the files into the convertor. You can convert a 100-page PDF file within seconds.

Great Preservation: After conversion of all the files, the original text like images, graphics, hyperlinks, layout, and formatting will be preserved in the output category of PDF files.

Preview function and beneficial partial conversion mode

Partial conversion: Unlike the batch conversion mode, iStonsoft PDF convertor allows you to convert the selective part of the files. You can do this by selecting the page number and the range.

Preview feature: You can have the preview of the final output that will be imported the pDF files page by page and that you can make sure that which file should be converted.

Right-hand document managing tool to make your life easier

There are only three steps to convet a PDF file. Starting with importing the PDF files, and choose the output format and then start the conversion. Just three clicks are needed for this.

Great technical support and guidance will be there for your to reassure while using the software.

You don’t need to have a third party software to work with it and hence it works independently.

iStonsoft PDF Convertor For Mac

Having a PDF(Protable Document Format) file can secure the files and the information in it for  long time. But there comes time where you need to convert the files form th PDF format for some reason of your own. It is not that easy to convert the files from PDF, though you can find way too many tools online to do this task, I suggest to try iStonsoft PDF convertor for Mac. This version is available for the operatins systems like Windows and Mac. Here in this article, I’m going to reveal the features and the advantages of having the iStonsoft PDF convertor for Mac OS. Though some of the features match with the Windows Operating System, some more differ. You can elaborate yourself after the detailed explanation in this article. You can enjoy the easy and rapid conversion with just a few clicks with which the work will be done easily.


Why iSotnsoft For Mac?

Like I said above, there are way too many convertors available online for you, but this is different from other because of its features like it can be easily reusable and easily can modify the contents in the Word file. Why iStonsoft because it is the best tool you can get for an affordable price for the features it has. This tool is specially designed for the Mac OS users. Let us have a look at its features.

Simple to Handle:

This tool is very simple and intutive to make the use of it very easily.

It can convert too many files in a single go which saves your time.

Editing PDF Simpley and Directly

You can edit the files even after converting them.

There is no limitation to copy or paste the sentences or images.

You don’t need to have a special PDF reader to veiew the document.

Maintains all the contents of originals docs:

There will be 100% preservance of original text and lables including hyperlink, formatting and Layouts of PDF in the new Word file created.

Images and the graphics will be original too.

Converts PDF to Word without a Hitch:

It supports the latest version in the outputs.

Saves the document in Adobe PDF format to Microosft Word swiftly and perfectly.

Apart from them, there are other features of iStonsoft like,

It allows you to rename a file while the conversion is going on.

It can convert the PDF files to image, HTML, Word, PPT, Excel and other versions of MS Office.

You don’t have to wait for each file to get converted if you want to upload a bunch of files to convert. You can just drag and drop them and start the conversion. When the conversion is going on, you can review the output file and modify it right there. These features are given by very few tools online and iStonsoft is one of them. When the output is given, you don’t need a separte PDF software to read the output.

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