How to Create a Bootable USB Drive in 5 mins..!!

Most of us are try to create a bootable USB drive! This may be due to the arrival of ultra slim laptops without any optical drivers. So these things caused the OS developers a big risk because the users can’t install new windoes or any OS in their systems.

For installing a new operating system they should go for USB drive. It is nothing but creating a Bootable USB drive and want to store your wanted OS to be installed in your device. So how to create a bootable USB drive? Any simple trick to do so? Yes! There are many methods to create bootable USB drive and if you wish you can go for 3rd party programs too!

Make USB Bootable

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So now in this post I’m goning to share How to Create Bootable USB Drive in simple steps? To be frank, creating a bootable drive is very simple and easy task. You can find such options in notebooks such as USB drive and related stuffs. Other than that, some motherboards also supports these preloaded options. So installing new OS on these devices is simple and if you’re device does not have the option to boot from USB drive then you should check this post for sure. And learn how to create a bootable USB drive.

Step to create a Bootable USD Drive (Pen Drive)

Step 1: To create a bootable USB drive, you’ve to download & install a tool, named as “WinToFlash“. (

Step 2: Then run it on your system and you will see two modes, such as “Wizard mode” and “Advanced mode“.

Step 3: Go for the “Wizard mode” and click on the “Windows Setup Transfer Wizard” button.

Step 4: Now just click the “Next” button and go ahead.

Step 5: There in the “Windows File Path”, select the CD/DVD drive which contains your OS or ISO file of your OS which is to be installed in your device.

Step 6: Now in the “USB Drive”, just select your USB drive and click “Next” button by Accepting the Terms Of The License Agreement. And click on “Continue” button and wait for sometimes to setup your USB drive. That’s it!

Final words

Hope you have created a bootable USB drive without facing any issues. And this tutorial must have helped you a lot to create your own Bootable USB drive. If you’re facing any issues or if you got any doubts on this then share it with us in comments below! We are always ready to help you better and quicker 😀 Ans kindly show your love and caring by sharing this tutorial with your friends and make us grow! Have a Nice day 😀

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