How to Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations on Android Devices

Simple Trick to Cheat Friends by Creating Fake WhatsApp Conversation…

There are many ways to exchange our feelings and love! Even you can prank your friends by creating some fake posts, comments, conversation and more. There are many tricks to make your friends shock by sharing fake posts and comments on various big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Likewise here it’s a new trick for you guys on the well known messenger app, WhatsApp. As you know before, WhatsApp is the world’s popular messenger app available for all major platforms which was recently bought by Facebook for 19 Billion. We’re not going to discuss about their deal, just going to share this awesome trick with you all.

What this app will do?

As I mentioned before this trick is only for WhatsApp. Yesterday while I surfing the internet I got this awesome app called WhatsSaid.  This app will surely make your friends to prank by creating fake conversation. So by creating fake conversation message you can cheat your friends for fun on WhatsApp. Here this article will describe everything about WhatsSaid for creating fake conversation messages.

This app works just like the Facebook fake wall machine because here also you can create fake messages from the receiver, sender and by your own. Then after making them tense you can show them all the conversation to them and the real flashback of this app. Pretty Cool eh!

Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation on Android Devices

Are you interested in doing some mischievous activities like this to prank your pals..? If it so then you can join me. Lets see how to download and use WhatsSaid in simple steps below….

How to Download and Install?

Step 1: Just Download WhatsSaid by clicking the below link,

Step 2: Then install it on your android device as like other apps.

How to use?

Step 3: Once after you installed, this app will ask about the interface. What should it look just like WhatsApp? Choose the interface and go ahead.

Step 4: Then Name your Fake friend image, name and his details.

Step 5: Now you can start creating fake messages for cheating your pals. After creating a fake conversation you can share the whole conversation via FB or other social networking sites and enjoy!!
Hope so you guys will like this new app, if it so kindly do some likes and share this article with you friends and make us grow. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in comments below! 

Doesn’t worry about your girlfriends, this app can change everything if you think a while! So always be Happy 🙂 [via]
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