Why Creating Backups And Having Recovery Software Are So Important?

Has it ever happened to you that you lost all the data in your device due to an accident or a virus attack? Did your hard drive ever failed as a result of which all your important data vanished into the thin air? If you are working on any important project, it becomes very essential for you to create a backup of your files. You should understand the fact that software if failed can be installed again but if data are once lost, it becomes very difficult to recover them.

One can lose data for the following reasons:

  1. Machine break down
  2. Virus attack
  3. Power outrage
  4. Software upgrades
  5. Accidents

We are talking about creating backup, but do you know the actual meaning of backup?

When you are creating a duplicate copy of a file, you are said to create a backup of that file. That backup file can be used by the user when the original data is lost, damaged or got corrupted. When you copy from the backup version that you earlier created to the original position, you are said to be restoring the data. Backup is of two different types:

  1. Full Backup: It refers to the backup where everything in the computer system is copied safely including software, data and the operating system.
  2. Incremental Backup: It is the backup that copies information from the things that have changed since the last backup.

You can schedule the backup in your system as per your requirement. It often happens that the users sometimes forget to create a backup and unfortunately, due to slight negligence all the data gets lost. When you have forgotten to take a backup, the free data recovery software can immensely help you to get pack your data. No matter, from where you have lost your data, good recovery software will enable you to recover them. Recovery software will be helpful to you if:

  • You lost your data accidently.
  • You have deleted the fire unintentionally.
  • The partition of your system is missing or is being deleted and that data is nowhere to be found along with it.
  • You need to recover deleted emails.
  • You have formatted the folder.
  • There is a hard drive failure.
  • There is a virus attack.
  • The system has crashed.

Most of the recovery software follows only three steps to recover the data and these steps are launch, scan and recover. Few of the software also give the users the option to preview the document before recovering it. Memory card recovery, USB driver recovery and digital device recovery are few of the many devices that can be recovered by the help of recovery software. You should finally understand that creating backup of a data is the easiest way to recover them in case of any problem.

Is having cloud storage a good way of creating backup?

If you use more than one computer to work with, then having cloud storage is a must because it sync the file on all the PCs and as a result, you can have those file in any system that you work with. The best thing about cloud storage is that they not only provide you with the required file in some other PC but also always keep an online backup. And you can access this online backup data both from your computer and mobile phone. Three important and the most powerful cloud storage are provided by Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. If you use an Android smartphone or are very active in your Gmail account, then chances are high that you will be working a lot in Google Drive. All these cloud storage comes with free storage capacity for few gigabytes and after which, you actually have to pay to increase the storage capacity. But if you are using these cloud storage for personal use, I can assure you that the free storage in cloud storage is enough for you.

Where else can you create a backup?

You don’t always need software to create a backup. In fact, there are many other devices when you can keep the backup of your data. One such device is the external hard drive. All you need to do is connect the external hard drive to your personal computer and then you have to copy your important documents from the computer to the external hard disk. Also, instead of hard disk you can use solid-state drives (SSD) which is an excellent alternative option of external hard disk. An old way of creating a backup is copying the data in a CD or a DVD. CD can be used to copy data which has size of less than 700 MB and the greater size data can be stored in the DVD. Another device where can create a backup is of course, the USB Flash Drive. The advantage of creating a backup in the USB Flash Drive is that the device is super-portable. On basis of the size of the data that you want to have in the pen drive, you can choose the storage capacity of the pen drive. So, all the easy ways of creating a backup for your data is provided in this article. You don’t always need to look for software to create a backup. However, software is can be helpful if you have even destroyed the backup and now you are looking for a recovery option.

Wrap Up                                                            

I would say that the best way of creating a backup is to store them in cloud storage. However, if you are missing internet connectivity then you can also store the data in other external devices. If in case, the backup has failed, you can try any good recovery system to recover the data that you have lost. There are ample numbers of free recovery software in the internet. However, you will have to spend few bucks in order to get a strong recovery option.

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