How to Change & Customize Android Startup/Boot Animation

Customizing our smartphone’s with some new hacks and pranks make the buddies to freak, that too if you try a new tweak in Android mobiles then there will be no doubt about the freaking of your friends! As Android OS is spreading fast and it is considered as the best Operating System for Mobile platform. Android users are huge in numbers which can be said that more than half million of mobile users population. So that’s not matter us! Today I’m here with an new awesome trick for Android Operating Mobiles.

How to Change & Customize Android Startup/Boot Animation

While restarting/turning on your mobile you may have noticed the boot animation, right? Did you have ever tried to change the Boot Animation of your Android mobile? Think a while! Changing the start-up animation in windows is possible, but how it’s possible in Android? But you can change, that’s the case here. Do you like to change your Android Mobile Boot Animation Start-up? If yes, then this article will guide you to do so!

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For making this tweak successful you need follow my simple steps added below. There are two methods to change boot animation in android. Choose any one from the two methods. Let’s peep how to change the start-up animation in Android Operating System

How to Change Android Startup Animation

Method 1 – Using Boot Animations App

Step 1: Before starting this method you need to download the Custom boot animation.

Step 2: Then Download Boot Animations Root app.

Step 3: Now, run the app & choose Backup/Restore options.

Step 4: Then backup your original boot animation by tapping the Backup.

Step 5: Now, Locate your custom boot animation file then select Install.

Step 6: Once everything was done, just reboot your mobile and see the magic!

Note: Before Installing the file names such as ‘’ should be renamed to ‘’.

Method 2 – Using Android File Manager   

Step 1: As the above method, download a Custom boot animation and run your Root Browser/File Manager.

Step 2: Then locate your original boot animation file named as located in /system/media.

Step 3: Now just press the file for a while and choose Rename and rename it as bootanimation.zip1.

Step 4: Now the final part comes, browse to the custom boot animation which you downloaded and copy the zip file to /system/media.

Step 5: Open it by long pressing it and select Permission.

Step 6: Now check the boxes as shown below, and tap OK.

How to Change & Customize Android Startup/Boot Animation

Note: Before Installing the file names such as ‘’ should be renamed to ‘’.

That’s it! If you like to have more boot animation you can get it from Xda Developers for free. Hope you guys will like this article, if it so kindly share this article with your friends and do some likes. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers:)

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