Daily Basis Android Apps you should not Miss!

Do you own an Android smartphone? Are you finding difficulties to sort out the best Android applications for your smartphone? Yes these questions are quite relevant as there is a myriad of applications present in the Google Play store. So, finding out the quality and the best suitable applications is quite difficult.

Daily Basis Android Apps you should not Miss!

I am simply posting few applications which would be helpful for the users in their daily life. I have also described the use of these applications along with their features. These applications will let you perform tasks regarding the office or business, connect through the social network media and capture pictures in various modes.

Astrid Tasks/ To-do & Groceries

The Astrid is a very useful application which is a kind of voice assisted application that helps the users to perform their tasks by simply speaking. There is no need to touch the smartphone that minimizes the person’s efforts to take the phone out, look at it, then unlock it and then manually perform the task.

Astrid can create the task notes, reminders of the deadlines with the priority. The application also provides a free SMS feature which is very easy to use and install. Another feature of the application is that it allows keeping tags.

Twidroyd for Twitter

Twidroyd is manufactured for the Android users who want to connect through the social network of Twitter website. The application has each and every option of the twitter website that is made easy to be used from a phone.
So, users can follow or unfollow posts, see notifications, reply to others and friends and follow or unfollow users. One can also post a tweet directly from his/her phone using this application.

Documents To Go 3.0 Main App

Documents To Go is a must have application that should be installed on the Android smartphone. It is a useful application for the businessmen or the users who work in offices. It is an application that reads the various documents files easily and help the owners to manage them or edit them.
The files supported are of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF file and XLS file. The application has various editing tools which can be used to make a PowerPoint presentation. One can also change the formatting style of the documents using this application.

Snap Photo Pro

This application is basically related to the camera of the smartphone. It enhances the camera features further. Due to its timer, multi shot and stability modes with other features, it was awarded as the winner of Android network awards.
The other features like slide out images, dated/ named folders and quick shot mode and widget has attracted many Android users. The application allows the people to adjust or control the brightness of the images while capturing them.

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