How to dial Emergency number in the phone without dialing any number?

Emergency number is by default function in all the phone, whenever there is any emergency you can contact hospitals / police etc by just dial the 3 digit number 100 / 102 etc. Everyone should know about this feature.

How to dial Emergency number in phone without dialing any number?

Whenever we are in trouble, we don’t have time to unlock our phone and then dial the emergency number, this is obvious that we don’t have that much time in emergency time that’s why there is one shortcut available on all the phone by using that you can dial the emergency number without unlocking your phone and dial pad. Check out the below process to know how to dial emergency number without dialing and unlocking your phone.

How to dial Emergency number in the phone without dialing any number?

Simply pick the phone and press the unlock button three times, once you will press the mobile phone unlock button three times automatically emergency number will be dialed and you will be connected to a Hospital / Police station etc.

Emergency number

So this was the simplest way to dial the emergency number from your phone, do share this article with your family and friends so that they can use this feature whenever they are in any problem. SHARING IS CARING 🙂 

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