Does Connectivity Affect Your Productivity?

The world has unquestionably become reliant on the internet. Not only is it the space for faster communications through email and social media, but it’s now also used for things like storing business data, building careers, enhancing education and simply doing the weekly grocery shop. It’s encompassed everything, even plunging high street retailers into hard times and closures.

Consequently, it’s worth considering what role Wi-Fi has in your own life. Could you do your job without it? Would you stand to lose a great deal without it? Would you even survive for long?

Does Connectivity Affect Your Productivity?

Careers and Employment

People use Wi-Fi to find employment. In today’s competitive and hectic job market, candidates everywhere are vying for their dream roles – or sometimes just temporary ‘making do’ jobs to get by. Where before it was shop window adverts, flyers and newspaper advertisements to put people in touch, today the internet plays a crucial role in connecting employers with potential workers.

Not only this, but people also use Wi-Fi to perform their job roles too. Bloggers, copywriters, recruiters, social media managers, marketing strategists; they’d all be unable to perform their duties if the world wide web vanished. Moreover, even renowned wireless network specialists such as Redcentric would find themselves out of work. A lack of connectivity could erase entire industries, rather than just cause a hiccup in productivity.

Education and Study

If you’re currently experiencing or revisiting education, then it’s worth considering the role that Wi-Fi plays in your learning. After all, if you come across some jargon that you don’t understand or some literary theory that isn’t quite clicking, you can simply google the answer. It’s quick and easy and the information comes immediately in digestible chunks, but of course, this is all reliant on Wi-Fi.

Consider traipsing off to the library, or even multiple libraries, in order to get the answer that you seek. Bus journeys, library passes, shelf searching, ordering (and often waiting for) books, finding the right chapters; this process would need to be incurred every single time you get confused or a bit lost in your studies. The whole game changes, and simple Wikipedia entries are suddenly swapped out for 6-7-page teachings of your subject. Still, past generations somehow coped with this…

Less Distractions?

Of course, in a surprising plot twist, it can also be useful to consider how a lack of connectivity could boost your productivity! Think about it; fewer notifications from family and friends, less time spent arguing with internet trolls on Twitter, no cat videos on YouTube to peek at during work time. Opportunities for quality procrastination would become a lot thinner without Wi-Fi and might just streamline focus on your work.

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi could be the thing that’s stopping you reaching your upmost potential. Without it, you might just be more inclined to take up more productive pastimes; sport clubs, learning to draw, paint or play an instrument, etc. Who’s to say you wouldn’t be living another life entirely? In the end, everything should be used in measure, and Wi-Fi is by no means an exception to this rule.

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