Does your organization need CMMS?

Today a host of software products are available in the market and each one comes with a strong proposition, which sounds quite lucrative for business. But at the end of the day, any business invests on a software that can solve their existing challenges and can bring about a transformation in their business processes.


So before purchasing a CMMS, let’s address few basic question which will help you decide, if your business really needs it.

  • What are the challenges that your assets regularly face?
  • When was the last time you worked on the asset?
  • Do you have a specific set of vendor for purchasing spare parts?
  • How do you maintain their records?
  • How do you remember, which assets are under the warranty period?
  • How many times work has suffered due to downtime, last year?

The answer to these questions will make you realize if your present way of maintaining assets is lucrative for the growth of the organization, well if it is not, then you might consider asking yourself these 4 critical questions.

  • Do you have a proper Maintenance plan in place?
  • Is it working?
  • Do you have a way of tracking your maintenance activity?
  • Are you happy with the amount spent of asset repair, last year?

If the answer to these 4 questions is a big ‘No’, then you must definitely consider having a CMMS software. Let’s see how a CMMS software can contribute to your business.

  • It can Track Assets – The CMMS software knows everything about your assets. It records every little details about the health of the assets, i.e. the availability of spare parts required for the asset to function and also its life expectancy. Through this software, companies can manage their assets by planning periodic maintenance activity.

Therefore if your unit is facing a lot of problems due to asset miss-management, then it’s time for you to adapt the CMMS.

  • Preventative Maintenance – Gone are the days when assets would only be serviced once they go through problems. Today companies have shifted from reactive maintenance mindset to the preventive maintenance This small shift in strategy, can bring about a big change in your process and productivity.


  • Digitally stores Information – The biggest benefit of CMMS is that it helps in managing all maintenance related informations in an accurate, systematic and secure manner. The software can easily store, track and record the information of your assets, including their warranty period, last servicing date etc.


  • Optimizing Machinery – With the help of CMMS, your equipment are properly maintained. This not only keeps your machinery in tip-top shape, but by utilizing the machinery to its highest potential, it also improves the overall productivity of your unit.


  • Controlled Expenditure – For most organizations, this reason has been one of the most convincing factors for adapting a CMMS. The software tracks assets and as per their previous maintenance history, it predicts when a piece of equipment will require repair or replacement. Based on this analysis, companies can order parts and thus the problem of over-stocking is solved. This type of preventive maintenance, saves a lot of money and keeps the maintenance budget under control.


CMMS is a great tool for Business and if you are thinking that investing in the software will cost you some thousands of dollars, then you can first go a free trial of the software, there are few vendors in the market who provide this facility. Based on your experience with the software during the trial period, you can make your investment decision.

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