Download Fruit Ninja HD Game for Computer

Android Games are so funny and they attracted to play them. So, we’re trying to play Android games in our computers. And now in this article, I’m going to share one awesome game which was adopted from Android. That game is Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja, is among the popular game list thoughtout the world. This game was loved by millions of people. Anyway, this game is available for all major platforms.

Download Fruit Ninja HD Game for Computer

 Well as I have posted earlier that WeChat App came to Windows Platform but unofficially. So like this app this this game is also unofficial to the Windows platform. But you can download this game for your Windows PC in few steps. I hope so everybody will know about this game. In this game we have cut the fruits in many pieces in a given time. You can cut those fruits using your mouse pointer. And in case of iPhone and iPad you have to use your fingers. In Android device also the same.

Download Fruit Ninja HD Game for Computer

The lucky thing is, you don’t need to install this game on your computer. You can directly use this game just after downloading it. I have added the download link. Just click it and Extract the .Zip file using Winrar or any other softwares.

Download Fruit Ninja HD Game for Computer

Then after extracting it, just open fruitninja.exe file and enjoy! I played this game on my computer. But, I got one problem with sound while playing this game. So, while playing this game check that thing. If you have errors while playing this game, then drop those errors in comments!

Kindly share this Game with your friends and share your thoughts in the comments. Have Some Fun!!

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