Download Google Keep – Best Alternative for Evernote

Usually students will take some notes while the teachers are conducting classes. And those note make them easy to learn. For taking notes, we will use a pad of sticky-notes or sketch and scribble down a reminder only to find out that it’s lost when we need it. And this way is the old tradition method and used by everyone. This method will make our books ugly after taking notes.

Download Google Keep - Best Alternative for Evernote

We’re living in 21st century, with full of Technology. We can do all works with the help of computer. You can get all types of apps for it. So those apps make the people to work less. And now, here is an new app for note taking. This app was released by Google. They named this app as Google Keep. This app is a note-taking app and this app will be surely useful for the college students.

Everybody will know about Google, even 6 month old child will know about it. Google is the king of internet. Google is making some updates in all it’s products. Recently, Google stopped Google Feed Reader. And now they released an new application called Google Keep. This app will lets you to take notes easily. And this app will allows you to take notes and at the same time you can surf internet for some reference. After taking notes, you can edit your notes in offline. And those edited things will be updated at the time of connecting your device to internet in a second. Awesome!!

Download Google Keep - Best Alternative for Evernote

This app also integrated with Checklists and photos/images. You can also use Voice Integration, if you feel to type for a long. You can archive your notes and you can delete them whenever you want. You can also change the background color for your wish. I think so, Google Keep will be the best alternative for Evernote. I have also added the official Google Keep working video for your view.

Google Keep is available for Android OS. You can download it from Google Play store. The luckiest thing is, this app is available in the form extension for Google Chrome. And this app is also available as a web application on Google Drive. I have added the download link bellow for both Android OS and for Google Chrome. Download them and enjoy…

Download Google Keep form Google Play Store for Android Devices.

Download Google Keep Extension form Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome.

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