Download Nokia PC Suite For Windows 7

Download Nokia PC Suite For Windows 7

Download Nokia PC Suite For Windows 7

Now that Microsoft has overtaken Nokia, older phones are no longer supported as they were before. New smartphones are being launched from the former faster than ever. But the support for PC synchronization is also being enhanced. Now you can connect new and old cell phones to any desktops or laptops with Windows or Mac easily.

Windows 7/8

For older Nokia phones (Supported phones)

The Nokia PC Suite provides facility to transfer data between your computer and cell phone. The main feature is the ability to explore the menus of the phone via the PC with an ease. The attractive and user-friendly menus make the interaction much evolved. The users now can send SMS messages and multimedia directly from the PC, making it usable to type a keyboard than on a mobile phone.

  • Now it is also possible to install Java and Symbian SIS through laptop.
  • Phone can be updated with latest updates directly from manufacturer.
  • Use phone to connect computer to the Internet via Nokia, and use it as a modem.
  • You can download “Nokia Maps” by the software for laptops.
    Download here.


For New Microsoft Phones

Install Zune software on your PC to purchase music and videos, sync files with your phone and get phone updates. When someone says “Zune”, it can be hard to figure out exactly what they mean. It’s because there are five things they could be referring, maybe Zune player, app, Marketplace, Music Pass or software.

  • To download stuff (such as music, videos, films, TV programmes and podcasts) from Zune Marketplace to your computer.
  • To sync stuff between your PC and your phone. Stuff like music, pictures, videos and films on your computer that you want on your phone. And it also includes the pictures and videos you’ve taken on your phone that you want to copy to your PC.
  • To update your phone software (to get new features, performance enhancements, and so on).

Apple Mac

Microsoft developed Windows Phone app for Mac (formerly the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac), and it is the only tool available that you need to sync your music, photos and videos, movies and podcasts between your Mac to your Windows Phone. And you can also copy files from your phone to your Mac, not only this but also add songs to your phone that you can listen or make ringtones. The Windows Phone app for Mac is available in the Mac App Store.

Follow these steps to sync files between Mac and Windows Phone

  • First of all connect your Windows Phone to Mac using the USB cable that came as accessories.
  • Windows Phone app for Mac will show up automatically.
  • Now in the Sidebar of the Windows Phone app, select the type of content that you want to sync, and then select the check box for the content you’re about to sync.
  • Finally select the files you want to sync, and then press Sync.


Here how to connect a Nokia device to Microsoft’s Windows 7/8 and to Apple’s Mac and MacBook.

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