Download Opera 15 Final Version

After a big awaiting Opera released the final version Opera 15. The luckyiest thing is the final version was powered with Chromium Engine. Well, this is a good news for all Opera fan’s. Now the final version is available for download. The downloadable one is a stable version of all-new Opera 15 for Windows and Mac. But this is like Preview version. Any it’s good. The main feature in this final version is, Chromium engine. And this engine is the responsible HTML, JavaScript and CSS and more just like Google Chrome.

Download Opera 15 Final Version

In this version Speed Dial helps you to visit the website which you like the most. And here you can find Stash Saves Pages to save your favourite article for reading it later. This tool is so Awesome!! Here the browsing is so speeder becasue the data are compressed in the name of off-road mode. So it will be useful will browsing the net with slow connections.

Download Opera 15 Final Version

In this final version it finds some headlines which you may like it. With the combined search box make your search easy. Anyway, this is a good browser and Opera has also released streams. The Opera Stable will be Released every couple of weeks. And the Opera Next will be updated more frequently than Opera Stable.This is the main advantageof Next than the Stable version. Now it should be ready for using in your system. But, you can find some bugs there.

Download Opera 15 Final Version

And the last one, Opera Developer. Here, you can expect a lot of designed stuff. Here also you can find some bugs might. Now, You can download the Opera 15 from thier official site. If you like this article then share this article with your friends.

Download Opera 15 Stable Version

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