Download Rail Alarm App for having good sleep while Traveling in Indian Trains

Do you’ve ever traveled in any Indian Trains? if you’ve travelled, in you may know about the tension before reaching our station. Sleeping while travelling in Indian trains is like nightmare, because it don’t have better navigation system.Which in other words, travellers will not be notified that their station is nearby, so pack up ad be ready to quite their travel. This is the biggest issues for frequent travellers via trains.

Download Rail Alarm App for having good sleep while Traveling in Indian Trains

Due to this case, travellers won’t get good sleep due to fear that they may loose their station and they be taken to some other station. So, for over coming this issues Columbus Again Software team has developed an new awesome app called Rail Alarm. this new app will surely give hands to frequent travellers through Trains in India.

What is Rail Alarm?

Rail Alarm, is mainly developed by Columbus Again Software Team for navigation purpose. And the amazing thing here is Rail Alarm is available for Android mobiles. Rail alarm will notify the time its going to take to reach your station  before 15 minutes, with an alarm. This will allow you/travellers to have good sleep while travelling in Indian Trains.

How it’s working?

Rail Alarm is a navigation based app for Android. So there is no doubt, this app is working under GPS feature. So, for using this app you/travellers need active internet connection and GPS feature in their android mobile. By using these things, it will track your train location and notify you/travellers by giving an alarm before 15 minutes for your railway station.


#1 Need Android Device.
#2 Active Internet Connections.
#3 Need GPS supported device.

So now in the article, I’m going to share the method to Install Rail Alarm app and using it. Let’s take a look on it….

#1 First Download and install Rail Alarm app on your device.
#2 Then turn on your Internet connection and open it.
#3 Now choose Add Trip and choose your Train and it’s destination.
#4 Then set an Alarm for tension less sleep.  Even you can track other trains location, so it will be so helpful.

Well hope that you like this new app an this article. Share your thoughts in comments below. Do some likes and share this article with all your friends and make us to grow! Have a good journey! Cheers 🙂

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