Download Supertube, to Watch YouTube videos in Pop Up screen on Android Devices

Multitask is a process which allows the users to perform simultaneously more than one task in computer language, in our language more than one work at same time. These options are available on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., But it not so in mobiling platforms. Android, the growing and the most popular mobile platform did not qualify this case completely as others. Here also users can do multitasks but, watching videos that too YouTube videos in a pop up window is not possible. Though we live in the world of Multitasking, that issue can be solved by using a new unique application available for Android mobiling platforms called Supertube.

What is Supertube?

Download Supertube, to Watch YouTube videos in Pop Up screen on Android Devices

Supetube is an new app which allows the users to watch YouTube videos in the background. Even you can float your videos for watching in anyplace on your display. This is an awesome app with lots of smashing features. It has same user interface as like YouTube app, which make the users so easy to use it. Just you need to play your favorite videos on YouTube and press your Home button. Wow!! Video is playing background? YES! It will be playing in a new window or background.

How to float videos using Supertube?

As I said before, Supertube is an awful app with lots of features regarding YouTube  Among those features, you can also watch your videos by floating on your screen. To float YouTube videos, just Click the Pop Up Arrow button found at the top right side. That’s it! Now you can move your window to anywhere you wish on your mobile screen. You’re allowed to change the resolution and minimize your video to play in background or by closing the window.

Changing Resolution & Views

Supertube has an advantage than other apps on changing the resolution. For changing your video resolution, navigate to the Drop-Down menu found at the top left side of your window. There you can change your default view as Portrait, Landscape or Auto-rotate.

How to stop playing Videos in Supertube?

For closing the playing YouTube video, go back to Supertube and just swipe down your Notification bar and click the Close icon[X]. As per my point of view, Supertube will be a best Alternative for Official YouTube application though it has more advantage an official app.
Download Supertube for Android devices
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For iPhone users, we recommend you to use the free YouTube Video Downloader to save YouTube videos to iPhone.

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