Download TimePIN to set your Mobile Current Time as Password or Pin Lock Code

As the technology level increases, Hackers also increases for cracking security codes and passwords. But those technology techniques make our life comfortable and safe.  App developers are having more new ideas which are so unique, and those ideas make the hackers tough to crack them. Well I’m here with an awesome tool based on security for android devices called TimePIN.

download timepin

What is TimePIN?

TimePIN is an awesome security tool available for all android devices. This app allows the users to set their mobile time as an password i.e, their mobile current time is their mobile pin code lock or password. Are you wondering? It’s true! There are also different clocky codes available which makes still tougher to get clues for pin code lock. Some clocky code like Normal, Double Pin and Mirror. This app is totally free for use.

How it’s work?

Case 1: In the Normal mode, this app will set you current time as your mobile password or pin code lock. For example, if the time is 11:30 then your password will be 1130. That’s what normal mode. But the other modes differs from this one.
Case 2: Second one is Double Pin mode. If you enable this feature, then your current time will be doubled and that will be your password. For example, if the time is 12:30 then your password will be 12301230. Cool eh!
Case 3: The last thing, Mirror mode. This feature will mirror your mobile current time. Which means, 12300321. That’s your pin code lock. Really it’s an pretty cool tweak, hope so for you too!

So, if you use this method it’s impossible to crack or guess your passwords. Every minute your password (code) will be changed. So, it’s really uncrackable! Even you can try this for your current date. Let’s see how to install this awesome app on your device.
Step 1: Download TimePIN and install it on your mobile.
Step 2: Now give permission to the administrator access for better security.
Step 3: Then open it and enable TimePIN option for activating your current time as your password. For keeping your current date as your password, then enable DatePIN and go ahead!
Hope your handy devices are secured with high level unbreakable password. For my point of view, this must the best app for all security based ones. Try it on your mobile and share your thoughts in comments below. Happy Secured life:-) 
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