Download VideoBee to Combine WiFi + Mobile Connection to Boost Video Streaming Speed

For watching videos on your smartphones, you need internet connection with required speed. Sometime, you may faced this situation when you’re watching online videos on your mobile due to slow connection. But, you have better WiFi connection and not good internet connection.

Use VideoBee to Combine WiFi + Mobile Connection to Boost Video Streaming Speed

Did you ever thought about combing both your Mobile Internet and WiFi connection to get a Better Internet Connection? Surely, if this is going to work means, then you can watch online videos without any problems. If you’ve thought so, then you’re so lucky to be here, to resolve your issues.The above task can be done with an awesome app available for Android called VideoBee. This app can resolve your problem quickly.

What is VideoBee?

VideoBee is an new application available for Android mobiles. VideoBee will enables you to combine your Mobile Internet and WiFi connections. This will surely increase your internet speed. In other words, it will boost your video buffering speed. If you have 2 active separate Internet connections then connect them by using VideoBee like WiFi + mobile or WiFi + WiFi. Even you can pair up with your friends and share their and your internet connection like mobile + mobile. You can also share videos with your friends easily. For using this app you don’t need any rooted device.


  • VideoBee is Still in Beta mode, soon the updates will be done with lots of features.
  • VideoBee will support only YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, and NBC videos.
  • VideoBee allows only a maximum of 2 members/devices per group for this beta version.

Using VideoBee:

Step 1: Download VideoBee from Google Play to your mobile.

Step 2: If you have mobile internet and WiFi connection then choose WiFi and Mobile option. If your device has no mobile internet connection, then select WiFi connection or connect with your friends device that has a mobile connection. You can use VideoBee Solo Mode or in Group mode connection.

Use VideoBee to Combine WiFi + Mobile Connection to Boost Video Streaming Speed

Step 3: For Solo Mode connection, choose the WiFi and Mobile option and for Group Mode connections, select the Create a new group option. Then turn on your Bluetooth connection and create a new group with your friends. Then join the group by selecting the Join an existing group option on their mobile.

Use VideoBee to Combine WiFi + Mobile Connection to Boost Video Streaming Speed

Step 4: But for using Group mode, you need the following combinations connections like WiFi + Mobile, WiFi + WiFi, Mobile + Mobile.

Final words:

For my point of view, VideoBee is an best and unique application for increasing internet connection easily. Well! Hope so, this article will be useful for you guys! You guys will like this new android app and this article. Kindly share your thoughts in comments below. Do some likes and share this article with your friends and make us to grow. Have some fun 🙂

VideoBee (Playboard) | VideoBee (Play Store)

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