How to Earn Like Amit Agarwal? Secret Behind the Success of

Today in this article we’re going to discus about the great professional Blogger, Amit Agarwal. All might have known about him and his works. Amit is featuring highly on the list under Top Adsense earners in India still now. He is also described as Father of Blogging in India. So what will this article share? These best answer is you can get more info about Amit Agarwal, his works, earning and the secret behind Labnol / Digital Inspiration. And you can follow his strategies to grow up your blog like Digital Inspiration.

Who is Amit Agarwal? 

Earn Like Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is a Software Engineer & a Pro Blogger from India, Agra. Amit has been writing at Digital Inspiration. He also does many tech projects. He create websites, build new apps, plugins and even he has developed a dictionary for Bloggers. He is is under the Top Adsense Earners in India. And there are more to be still listed up here about him. Check out Amit Agarwal’s daily life,

The Monthly income of Amit from Labnol is approximately around $30000 to $40000. So do want to know how does Amit Agarwal make so much money from blogging? Here the answer for it.

How Does Amit Agarwal Make Huge Money

With Adsense

The main income source for Amit Agarwal is from Google Adsense. He earn huge real cash through it. You can notice those ads on Though he is a Premium Adsense Holder and a pro blogger you can find well optimized Adsense ad units in targeted place. These things make him to earn money online.

With BlogAds

Labnol makes huge money even from BlogAds. He is earning more than 800$ per month for single allocated area. You can spot the BlogAds on Labnol as shown in below screenshot,

Earn Like Amit Agarwal

With YouTube

Earn Like Amit Agarwal

YouTube is the best source to make income next to Blogging. Amit create a YouTube channel based on Technology related topic called Digital Inspiration. Here he is impressing more than thousand viewers for his video and hence he is making huge money. Those videos are really useful and can be understood easily. So this method can also bring more revenue to Amit Agarwals. Do you like to do so, then just follow him and succeed in your task 😉

With Feed Ads

As Labnol has huge active subscribers, Amit used utilized this and integrated Adsense on feeds. As he is having more subscribers he should get more revenue. So this can also helps Amit to earn more money.

He also use Direct Ads methods to earn more money. It nothing but just accepting ads directly from Advertisers to publish them in his blog. So we observed the different source used by Amit Agarwal to make huge money online.

Secret behind Labnol:

#1 Unique articles.

#2 Regular Update.

#3 Better communication with readers.

#4 Optimized theme / template to load webpage fast.

#5 HARD Work

Earn Like Amit Agarwal

Now its time for us to make his strategies to work out in our blogging journey!

Stat #1: Create Blog, Share Unique content and grow your blog. Apply for Adsense, wait till for a approved message. Once approved add ad units to your blog. If you’re getting more 6 millions pages views a month then apply for Premium Adsense Account and grow your revenue.

Stat #2 : Add Ad Banners, Integrate BlogAds, Direct Ads in your blog and don’t forget about Feed. Place ad unit in your blog feeds too.

Stat #3: Create a YouTube Channel and upload interesting / useful videos and then apply for Adsense. Once you got approved monetize all your videos and enjoy!

Earn Like Amit Agarwal

Then my final word is work SMARTER not HARDER to succeed! So these were the different methods in which Amit Agarwal  makes money online and make use of the above strategies to make money from your blog too!

So, friends What do you think? Do you agree with my tips ?  Do you use it to make money? Do you have any suggestions to add up here? Then Share your suggestions in the comments below. Happy earning 😉 

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