How To Make Money Online by Sharing Links on Social Networking Sites

Making money through online will be the best idea to start our carrier like a part time job. There are many available source to earn huge money from online and many peoples doing as a full time task. While its on one side, many peoples are being cheated by several online networks as by promising that they can pay money for doing task but they are not doing so. They may ask the users to do some investments or initial payments and they are cheated. So you wanna to be so careful while surfing jobs over internet. If your searching online jobs then check out this infography for more deatils about making money through internet and the ways to earn more. Okay, I’m coming to my point. Today I’m with another way to make money through online just by sharing links. Yes! You can earn money for sharing links with your friends over social networks. Wanna to know more?
                                    Make Money Online by Sharing Link
This job will be suitable for internet addicts or the one who spent more time on social networking websites. There are many people who spent their time on Facebook, Twitter to share status, liking, sharing links. So you may be among them, if you are then you can make some bucks daily for sharing URL’s on your timeline or as status. I’m just talking about making money by using URL shorten service. It’s the only simplest way to make money while spending our times over internet. All you need is just to shorten your original link by using URL shortrn service. I recommend you to use for making huge money in less time.
                                    Make Money Online by Sharing Link
For example, the actual link looks like after converting it with So if you share this shortened link on your Facebook, Twitter and on other social networking sites timelines/walls then you can make money daily. Easy to do? Ready to make money online?

How to Make Money by Sharing URL’s Online

For saying in words may look simple, than making action on it! This job will be simple if you follow all the below mentioned keywords. Most of your friends look for amazing videos and clips. So you need to share the viral videos found over YouTube which can increase your revenue. Keep in mind, you need to make your link viewed by thousands of people to earn more money. So how to gain over 1000’s of views daily?
Make Money Online by Sharing Link
Before sharing my tips I like to share the how to earn money with Just take a look below,
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Get registered there by giving your login details.
Step 3: Once you Sign up just Check your inbox for confirmation link and click it.
Step 4: Then just start shortening URL’s & earn money!

How to gain 1000’s views to your shared link

Below I’ve some required strategies to impress your friends or the people to visit your shared link. What to do for it?
Just follow my points,
#1 Mostly people look for videos. So find some funny, interesting and amazing videos on YouTube which got viral. Viral in means the videos which got more views for all time. Those videos can surely impress your friends so in result they click your link and you will be rewarded.
#2 Find some crowded blogs, social groups, forums or with more members to share your link over there. If you share in such
place then you will get minium 100 views easily.
#3 Share it with your friends through social networking sites to gain more visitors to your link.
#4 Work Hard to grow your revenue!

Why I choose How its work?

There are many online tools to convert your long URL’s into small ones like,, etc. They too offer these earning plans. But among those is the best one which has many successful stories. So you can also trust this service before working bit harder. I’ve also seen many of my friends made huge money through it. Payout will be done through Paypal and Payoneer which makes easy. So its the only reason to choose this service. You may not know about its working process, why they are offering money for sharing links? Freak..?
Make Money Online by Sharing Links
The reason to offer rewards for sharing their shorten links as they display advertisements for your links for 3-5 seconds. Once the time overs the users will automatically navigated to the original designation of your link. So in mean time you original link was locked, that’s it!
Why are you waiting? Just go and Sign up there & start making money from today! I’ve also added a list of Top 10 URL Shorten Sites. If you don’t like the interface on above mentioned site then you can go for the below lited websites. They too offers same as the above site. Check it out and do comments for your favorite site.

10 Best URL Shorten Websites


Final Words

What do you think about this? Pretty simple? Its the only way to earn to make huge money with simple work. Hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any quires then share it with us in comments below. Do likes and share this article with your friends. Happy earning;)
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