How to Embed Other Web Pages into your Blogger Posts

Today I’m with an interesting topic about Embedding other Websites into your Blogger Blogs. As the word Embed made easy on Blogger for embedding videos form Youtube, embedding tweets, facebook status and more. This makes the visitors to check out them without navigating to other web pages. And now a days, many professional bloggers are using this awesome feature on thier blogs and impressing all. They are just using iframe tags for showing up the articles or contents of other websites in their Blogger post. Pretty!!

How to Embed Other Website into your Blogger Posts

As I promised before, here I’ll be sharing an simple tutorial about embedding any web pages into your own website in simple steps. Okay, What do you need for doing this task? Your own blog and syntax code which is added below. That’s it! This can make you to show up other websites articles into your blogs for free. So for using this startegry you don’t need to be an professional developer, this can be done with this simple iframe tags given below,

Adding IFRAME tag in Blogger Posts

<iframe height=”400″ width=”100%” frameBorder=”1″ src=”Add other Website URL/Link”>This doesn’t support to your browser.</iframe>

Step 1: Go to Blogger >> New Post >> HTML

Step 2: Then add this iframe tag in HTML section. That’s it!

Customization & Tweaks

As I said before, for embedding other website into your blog we’re using iFrame tags. You can customize the height and width of your iframe area with your own. If you don’t like to have frame border then you can make the value to 0. And the element src denotes the source page to be embed in your blog post. iframe may not be supported in some browsers, in that case the words added next to Link “This doesn’t support to your browser.” will be shown up there.

Check out the live preview of iframe,

Final words

Did this article helps you? If you feel, there is much more information to be added here? Then share them with us in comments! If you’re facing any issues then drop them in comment section below! Do some likes and share this article with your friends and make us grow! Happy Blogging 🙂

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