How to Enable Auto Redial Option in Samsung Galaxy S4

Auto Redial is one of the most required features for all users. Even this feature is enabled in the middle class mobiles. Now, in some of the upcoming mobile you can able to see the redial options. And some users requested me to write tutorial about enabling Auto Redial option in Samsung S4. All of them will heard about, Samsung Galaxy S4. This is one of the best Smartphone after the Samsung S3. It has many new features with stylish look. Well, now in this article I will show you to enable Auto Redial option in S4.

How to Enable Auto Redial Option in Samsung Galaxy S4

Let me start with some introduction about Auto Redial for beginners. Auto Redial is nothing bu one useful feature included in all mobile devices. It will allows the users to call someone and when the network is unable to connect automatically. For example, if the Auto Redial is not activated in your device then you need to call someone manually if there is no network. You want to type the number and want to press call button again and again till you connect. So, you this feature in your smartphone and save time.

How to Enable Auto Redial option on Samsung Galaxy S4

  • In your S4, go to “Home Screen” and Select“Settings”.
  • Then again select “My Device” and choose the “Call”.
  • Now, you will need to click the “Additional Settings” option which you found in that page.
  • There you will see an option “Auto Redial”. Just check the Auto Redial Option.
  • And save and exit!

Now, you have successfully enabled Auto Redial option in S4. Enjoy, using Samsung Galaxy S4 with Auto Redial option. I hope you followed my steps and you will be activated Auto Redial option in S4. If you have any doubts then leave it in comments.

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