Protect your Pen Drive’s from VIRUS using Notepad

Pen drives and other USB drives are the most useful portable devices for transfering files easily and quickly. But while transfering your USB drive may get infected with virus. It may destroy all of your files so with no backup for those files. The one & only way to fix this issues is by using best and geniune Antivirus protection for your USB drive, it may be even your pendrive. So rather than this method you can go for another alternative method to protect your pendrive. But I perfer the first method, if you like to protect your USB drives for free then you can go for the second one.

Protect your Pen Drive's from VIRUS using Notepad

So some of may not aware of this method, but its an old trick. As I mentioned above, you can protect your pendrives from virus without using any antivirus just by enabling Write Protection for your pendrive. The write protection will not allow anyone to share or transfer files to your pendrive, it works just like writable CD’s and DVD’s. So before performing this method Format your pendrive and folow the below steps. So for using this trick you don’t need to spend any bucks. Just spend few minitues for enabling this trick. Then your USB drive will be protected automatically. Cool!!

Protect your Pen Drive's from VIRUS using Notepad

So below I’ve two main process for protecting your USB drives. One is Enabling Write Protection & another thing is Disabling Write Protection for it. Do you like to Protect your USB Drive from virus Infection? Then Let’s jam together…

Enable Write Protection on your USB Drive

Step 1: Open Notepad.

Step 2: Then copy & paste the below code there,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Step 3: Now save it as ” yourfilename.reg “.

Step 4: Then open the file by double clicking it and click OK. That’s it!

Check out your pendrive and try to share files from your system. Frank!! The files won’t get transfer to your drive, just you can copy the files from it. So to replace the files from your pendrive then you need to remove write protection for it. So for disabling write protection for your pendrive go ahead….

Disable Write Protection on USB Drive

Step 1: Open Notepad. Then Copy & paste the below code there,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Step 2: Then save it as ” yourfilename.reg ” and open it like you did before.

Step 3: Then Click OK. That’s it! You’ve sucessfully disabled write protection from your USB drive. Try now and enjoy!

Final words

Hope you enjoyed this new method to Protect Pendrive from Virus using Notepad. So this trick come under notepad tricks too. If you’re facing any problems then share it with us in comments below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and quires in comments. If you’re having anyother better trick than this then drop them below. Cheers 😉

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