How to Enable or Disable Comments on Blogger Pages

Making your blog active is with your comment widget/box. The reader who comments on anyone of your blog post then it will be automatically added to this widget with the post link. These things makes the readers to feel proud of it for listing up there. There may be Many Comment system or Widgets for Blogger, but they are all doing same task. And most of us will be using Commentluv, Livefyre, Disqus comment widgets and more though it has better design. So if your looking for a creative designed comment widget for your blog then you can add this new Busy & Busy Comment Widgets to your Blogger Blogs.

How to Enable or Disable Comments on Blogger Pages

But having comment box in Blogger Pages is not necessary, hope you agree this point. While creating a page on your blog, it has comment system enabled automatically which is not liked by most of the blogger. Commenting on your Profile pages, Privacy policy or in Contact Us page will be looking great! You can’t these things on other professional blog. So I tried to remove it from my pages and decided to share with you about How To Disable Comments On Blogger Pages?

Hiding Comments Widgets on Blogger Pages is so simple. It can be done using inbuilt tool offered by Blogger. So you do want to Disable Comments on Blogger pages? Then check out below,

How to Enable/Disable Comments on Static Pages in Blogger

Step 1: Go to Blogger >> Pages.

Step 2: In Pages section Open the page for which you want to hide comments box.

Step 3: Then click Options found and customize the settings as you like under Reader Comments as shown below,

How to Enable or Disable Comments on Blogger Pages

Allow – This option will allows the users to comments in Static pages.

Don’t Allows, show existing – Further comments will not be allowed to publish by the users, but the existing comments will be shown.

Don’t Allow, hide existing – Further comments will not be allowed to publish by the users, and the existing comments will also be hidden from the users.

Step 4: Once you finish, just click the Done button then click Update and check your blogger page. That’s it!

Final Thoughts

Hope you done this task successfully. If you’re facing any issues then share it them with us in comments below. Do you like this article? It is useful to your or not? Share your thoughts in comments! Cheers 🙂

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