Every video game would be better on Nintendo’s newest console!

Hello Friends, I hope you all are fine and doing well. In this article we discuss about top video games and video games console. Games are used to be play for our entertainment. Gaming is the best part of our entertainment to feel free and keeps our mind stress free.

We are very busy in our business or job life due to which we have lots of stress and tention on our mind. Stress is very serious problem for our health. If we are in stress mood than we dont do any work properly. We cannot do anything properly if there is any stress in our mind. Too much stress creates too much anger, which effects our mentally health. To stay mentally fit and keeps our mind stress free we have to spend some time with our family or if our family is far from us than gaming is the best part of entertainment.

There are lots of gaming devices available in market, by which we can play our favourite games. There are some mobile and tablets to play games. But the main motive to write this article is to tell about new and updated gaming console name Nintendo’s Gaming Console. You can play even ace ventura slots game in this gaming console.

There are many other gaming consoles available in India are as below:

Sony Playstation 3 500GB

Sony Playstaion 3 Move Starter Pack

Genius Heeha 200 Handheld Console

Mitashi Games Console

Xbox 360 4GB

Nintendo 3DS Red

Reliance Game Box Elite 400

The above list is the top gaming console company available in India.

The Nintendo Gaming Console is developed and designed by Japanese Nintendo multinational electronics company. The company already made their Colour T.V Game and Game Watches.

This gaming console have latest technology which is used to play all types of latest games which are not played in other gaming console. So, let’s discuss about top games which can be better in Nintendo Gaming Console

Top Games of Nintendo Gaming Console

Super Mario Odyssey

Fire Emblem Warriors


Super Mario World

Super Mario Bros3

The Legend of Zelda



Mario Cart 8 Deluxe


Super Mario Maker

Pokken Tournament

These are the list of top and latest games which can be played in Nintendo Gaming Console

The latest technology of Japan is used in Nintendo gaming console which make it better than other gaming console.

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