How to Export and Import Saved Password from Firefox

You may have saved your passwords while browsing and in sometimes you need to export them, its possible? Yes! It is possible in Mozilla Firefox browsers. Firefox is an awesome browsers with loaded plugins to get good experience while browsing. So nowadays the plugins for Firefox and extensions for chrome are so helpful to all. Okay I’m coming again to point, what is the need of exporting your saved password from Mozilla Firefox Browser? For future purpose?

Export and Import Saved Password from Firefox

So the main purpose to export your password may be while you want to format or booting your PC. Because while doing this process all the saved cookies, history, documents, saved passwords, etc. stored in the OS memory location will be deleted. Then while you upgrading your system then you need to do so. If you are in need to import your saved password from one PC to another computer then you need this method. So by reviewing all the above one, the only main purpose for restoring your password from your Firefox browser is only for future.

So for exporting what to do? Any third part tools available? Yeah! you can find several third party tools available like PasswordFox and more. These tools can also export saved password from Firefox. But most of the people are preferring the third party tool instead they goes for Firefox add-on. Today I’m going to introduce an amazing add-on called Password Exporter which allows the users to export their saved password safely. Its an extension available for Firefox which can able to do this process quickly. All you need is just to install this on your Firefox browser.

Password Exporter for Mozilla Firefox

How to Export & Import Saved Passwords from Firefox

Export and Import Saved Password from Firefox
Download and Install it on your browser. Once installation completes you can export and backup your saved password Import/Export Passwords. For that just navigate to
Open Firefox >> Go to Tools >> Add-on >> Extensions tab >> click Options.
Open Firefox >> Go to Tools >> Options > Security pane >> Import/Export Passwords option.
Then you will get an popup window, just click Export Passwords option to export all your saved passwords.
Even you can import saved password from Firefox to another browser. For importing Just click the Import Password option and Select CSV file. That’s it! Congratulation 😉
You’ve successfully exported and imported your saved password from Firefox browser quickly and safely.
Keep in Mind: If you don’t select Obfuscate Usernames/Passwords option while exporting your password it will delete CSV or XML file from your computer. So the file is human readable. Don’t forget this!
So What do you think about this tool? Do you’ve any other best tool than this? Then we are great to hear this from you in comments! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers 😉
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