How to Extract rar Files on Ubuntu in 2 Seconds

Like Windows operating System, Ubuntu is also a popular OS. It was loved by many peoples. For using this OS you don’t need Antivirus. Like Windows OS in Ubuntu, you can find some errors. And now in this article, I’ll show to extract or unzip a .rar extension file in Ubuntu.

How to Extract rar Files on Ubuntu in 2 Seconds

Many users are trying to unrar a .rar file using the Archive Manager. For using this, you need to download this package which is just around 60 to 70 MB.  When you are un hurry and wanted to unrar immediately means, then you have no time for downloading it. Sometime your internet connection may also be slow.

Well, today I am going to share this awesome trick to unrar a .rar file without using Archive Manager. This is easiest and the quickest method to unzip the .rar file on Ubuntu. I have listed the steps below. All you want to do it, just follow my simple steps given below.

How to Extract rar files in Ubuntu

  • First in your system, Install unrar
  • Then Launch Terminal and just type sudo apt-get install unrar and click Enter
  • Now, Provide some password.
How to Extract rar Files on Ubuntu in 2 Seconds
  • Then again, type unrar x myrarfilepath.rar and replace myrarfilepath.rar with the rar file path.
  • Typing the whole file path is certainly will bring some errors. So, just Drag the File to the Terminal.
  • Then it will automatically type the file path there.
  • Now, again prefix unrar x before the path and click the Enter.
  • Enjoy!

I hope you have successfully Unzipped a .rar file. If you have any errors then make us to know in comments. If you have any better idea than this method then make us to know it in comments.

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