Fix Image Color & Saturation Loss after Uploading in Blogger

Always a need makes an new invention. Likewise, yesterday while posting images on blogger I faced an problem on uploaded images. Those images are changing it’s color after upload. So, I surfed internet for getting an better solution for this case. While I’m doing so, I came across Hackinguniversity where I found a better for fixing this issue. Today I’m here to share this awesome trick with you all friends. Just follow my steps given below.

Fix Image Color & Saturation Loss after Uploading in Blogger

Before fixing it, we all should know about Which causes this problem ? You may think this will be a Blogger work, but no! This is Google+ fault doing these types of activities. So, if your account is connected with Google+ then you will face this problem and Google+ will automatically enhancing the images after upload on it’s server. This is the main reason behind this issue.

So, if you like this effect, then you can use it without making any tweaks. If you don’t like this effect you have to disable this feature and revert to normal image while uploading in blogger. Let’s see how to do this task successfully….

How to Fix Google+ Image Enhancing Problem

Step 1: Go to Google+ Settings Page.

Fix Image Color & Saturation Loss after Uploading in Blogger

Step 2: Now, scroll down and find Photos and Videos.

Fix Image Color & Saturation Loss after Uploading in Blogger

Step 3: Under Photos and Videos, you can see the Auto Enhance option. Just mark it as ” OFF

Final words:

Hope you done successfully. Your settings will be saved automatically. And now you can upload your images to blogger account without any problems. The image color will be normal without any change in it’s color or contrast.

Well hope you will like this article and this awesome tweaks. If it so kindly share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments below. Have some fun:)

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