Free Online Advertising – Is It Possible?

Nowadays the industry of online advertising is developing incredibly fast. In a modern world it became probably the most useful tool of global coverage for bloggers, webmasters and marketers. But not all of them know that there is a possibility to use this tool for free. For example, if you participate in a traffic exchange program you can increase your site’s audience without spending a penny.

Free Online Advertising – Is It Possible?

So let’s talk about one of the fastest growing and robust online advertising companies that you can use for free.  The good thing about working with Nster is the high quality traffic. And it works both ways: Nster publishes your content only on relevant websites – you get solely target audience, and you can also choose topics for the widget you place at your site so there is more traffic for exchange.

Free Online Advertising – Is It Possible?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Firstly I want to tell you what is Nster and how it works.

Nster is an online advertising company located in West Hollywood, CA. After working in the industry for a while and exploring different ways of increasing Internet audience, Nster came up with a unique technique to generate traffic as well as money for sites and blogs.
Nster uses content widget that enables you to add depth and value to your content by providing visitors with multiple tools and useful resources accessed from a single window.
To start a campaign with Nster you don’t have to be in Alexa Top 500 in order to boost your traffic and get more visitors. You just have to have quality content on your blog or website and regularly invest time and efforts into growing your exposure.
Free Online Advertising – Is It Possible?

To try Nster simply register at the official web-site Services are totally free of charge. After that with assistance of your account manager you can customize both the design and the content of your widget to maximize its effectiveness for your audience and seamlessly integrate it into your site. Pick your colors, fonts and size. It’s not only visuals that you control. You can customize text, headlines, and pictures of the widget. True flexibility is here.

After you decide how the widget will look like you implement it to your site. Then Nster publishes your content on relevant websites.  Since only quality posts are shown users will keep returning to you. And that is how you get 150-200% return on traffic you give.
You can track the campaign at the user panel of Nster site. And you have all the advantage Nster provides:
  • First, it’s FREE! 
  • You get your targeted audience easy. No need to work hard for that.
  • Nster generates you widget code automatically
  • Place the widget wherever you want
  • Get full-fledged analytical system access and keep track of your progress
  • 24/7 Support system is yet another point in the list.
  • No coding knowledge required. Simply choose the type of content you want to display and kick the ball off.
So what, sounds easy? Worth to try, huh?
If you need more information go to 

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Guest Post by Kelly Davis
Kelly studied Business with a concentration in Marketing, General Sales,Merchandising and Related Marketing Operations at University of Phoenix. Now she lives in Savannah GA and works at Nster – the online advertising company. Kelly is new to the Sales and Business Development team there. But she compensates a small experience in the industry with irrepressible passion for work.
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