8 Best Tips & Tricks to Use WeChat Efficiently

As the communication field got improved most of us are going for free messaging services and applications. And for sending free messages everyone prefers WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and more. You can find more apps but most of the people are perfering only WhatsApp and not WeChat though they don’t know about the secret tips & tricks behind WeChat. Its an best alternative app for WhatsApp with many new hidden features. The features includes sharing your moments, photos, videos, voice messages and more which works just like popular social media websites. So if you don’t know how to use all these features then this article can guide you on it.
             8 Best Tips & Tricks to Use WeChat Efficiently
Here in this article I’m going to share some best handpicked and most useful WeChat tricks for easy use. They are all checked on Android mobiles and I’ve added the tutorial only for Android mobiles. So the steps may differ for Apple Devices. Lets check out them with described tutorials.

#1 Upload And Share Videos

Uploading photos and videos in WeChat made easy, but this trick is to share your uploaded video and send it to Moments. SO for doing this,
Step 1: Go to any chat room and click on the + button.
Step 2: Now just tap on Video and Select Take Video / Choose Video and upload it.
Step 3: Then do a long press on the video and choose Favorite.
Step 4: Again navigate to the WeChat main page and tap on the navicon and choose Favorite Messages.
Step 5: Now you can find your video there, just tap on the navicon and choose Send to Moments.
Step 6: Before sending just fill the details with your message, and click the Send button.

#2 How to Select Group Friends to See Your Moments

Step 1: Go to Discover >> Moments.
Step 2: Then Tap on the Camera icon and select Take Photo or Choose Photo.
Step 3: Now Tap on Share to & select My Groups and create New group.
Step 4: While creating new group just check the name of your friends whom you want to allow to see your update.
Step 5: Then name your Group and Save it by tapping done.
Step 6: Now again go back to the Sharing Page and check your new group. Then go back to your Moments update page and tap the Send button. That’s it!

#3 How to Tag your Friends In Your Moments Photo 

Step 1: Go to Discover >> Moments and tap the Camera icon.
Step 2: Now Choose a Photo to be shared with your friends and go ahead.
Step 3: Then in the status page, tap the Mention option and start tagging your friends.
Step 4: Once you finish tagging just Tap the Send button with updated moments photo.

#4 Use @ to Add Member’s Quickly to your Chat List

Step 1: Just type @ in your message/chat box.
Step 2: Then in the new window select the friend you want to tag or mention.
Step 3: Once you finsh choosing them just tap their names to add them quickly to your chat list.

#5 View All Photos Shared with Friends

Step 1: Go to the chat room and Tap to open the recent photos.
Step 2: Then just Swipe left to see all the photos shared between your friend. If you’re feeling this method is hard then you can just tap on the icon which allows you to view entire photo album shared by you with your friends.

#6 How to Hide Phone Number

Step 1: Just Tap the Navicon >> Settings.
Step 2: Then Tap the Privacy >> Find Me by Phone Number to disable this function.

#7 How to Turn Off Chat Notification

Step 1: To turn off chat notification Tap the chat information icon found top right.
Step 2: Now check the Notifications and Tap on it to disable this function.

#8 How to Set Your Notification Timing

Step 1: Tap Navicon >> Settings >> Notifications >> Notification Timing.
Step 2: Then just Tap All Day to disable and again tap on Start. 
Step 3: Now here just Set the Start time to receive notification from that time.
Step 4: After setting your time Tap the Done option.
Step 5: To stop receiving notifications just Tap on End to set the end time to stop receiving notifications and Tap Done.

Final Thoughts

These above tips are needed in our day today life. So only I mentioned under Top 8 WeChat Tips & Tricks. Hope you enjoyed this section and got useful tips without wasting precious time. If you found that I’ve missed some popular WeChat tricks then we are great to hear it from you in comments. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and do comments if you’re having some troubles while trying these tricks. See you later with new tips and tricks! Cheers 😉
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