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For all those who have either just started out their career or a family or moved into a new city, getting a whole new set of furniture and appliances all at once can be extremely heavy on your pockets. Normally, you would either wait till you have enough to spend on all these things or you shell out your savings. Furlenco is an online furniture rental service that allows you to rent furniture and home appliances with a rent on a monthly basis. At reasonable rates, you can pick the furniture you want and get it delivered and set up at your house in 72 hours. Before choosing to avail this service, you should check out how we feel about it. Here is a full review of this new service and how our experience was:

What are the services offered?

  • Along with a wide range of furniture (sofas, beds, tables, etc.), appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, television, etc.) and other household add-ons they also offer free delivery and set up within 72 hours.
  • They offer to cover your damages up to Rs 10,000/- for any kind of wear and tear.
  • You also get one annual cleaning service after your minimum subscription period for cleaning furniture surfaces and upholstery.
  • They also offer to swap your furniture every year with free pick-up and drop-off for every change.
  • If you relocate within the city or to a different city where they provide this service, you’d be eligible for a free relocation once a year.

Where do they operate?

Currently they have their services available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru only.

Use referral code : MONIF3UZ

Who is this perfect for?

For bachelors who are starting off their careers and have little or no interest in furnishing their homes, students or the people who have newly shifted into the city and are looking for some quick furniture.

Is it hygienic?

The furniture is usually packed in cling film if it is a refurbished one, and packed in new cardboard for the new pieces. They say that when a furniture item is returned to them, the fabric is removed and dry cleaned before being put together. On their website they say:

At the end of your tenure, once we receive the furniture back at our warehouse, we strictly refurbish and repair the furniture before it is sent to any other customer. Our refurbishment process involves UV sterilization of wood, sandpapering and polishing of every wooden furniture, sanitation and UV cleaning of the mattresses and other soft upholstered parts of the furniture, HEPA filtration to extract allergens and dust particles, foam, shampoo and cleaning of couch and anti-dust mite spraying on the world to save it from termites.

You don’t need to return the soft-furnishings like cushions and rugs.

Our verdict:

If you are someone who is looking keep for details and organization, you might want to think harder before ordering here. They do not deliver the product exactly as it is shown on the website, but they are somewhat similar. Although there are two ranges – Pico and Milli, there is a lot of difference between these ranges. Soft furnishings are from the home center and might not fit anywhere properly. You might not find everything to be visually pleasing every time you order it. On the bright side, they deliver the products exactly within 72 hours, unlike the other furnishing websites which take at least an hour to deliver anything. Along with the services provided, this seems like a pretty good site to order stuff from if you’re looking for a quick fix. The furniture and the appliances they provide are fairly good enough and they are doing a pretty decent job with this.

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Rent Furniture Now

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