Gadgets for the better cooking in the kitchen

With the rapid innovations in various technology sector kitchen appliances and tools are not left behind in the race of development and innovation. now days everything its getting connected with internet and new devices fully compatible with IOT are coming out in market to make our kitchen and home much more comfortable and easy live in. from smart locks, best pellet grills, refrigerators, thermostats, dishwashers to smart bin cans everything is getting connected to internet via medium of smartphone apps for full autonomous connectivity across the house.

Gadgets for the better cooking in the kitchen

So to make our kitchens much more smart and efficient for cooking delicious food and recipes every time we have come up with a small collection of some smart kitchen gadgets for you to use and get your work done in kitchen fast with full effectiveness

  1. Genican for smart dustbin

Genican is a smart device which gets attached to your dustbin or any kind of recycling bin and scans for items you throw in it to update your smart phone app for that item for ordering later while you are shopping. If the item doesn’t have barcode then you can just speak the item name when you throw it in dustbin for replenishing the item inventory later. Moreover you can pre authorise certain items from the app to directly order the groceries from amazon once they enters the shopping list to avoid any loss of time while shopping at super market.

  1. Drop scale

Drop scale is an amazing food weighing scale that weighs exact amount of all ingredients you add in it after synchronizing it with the smartphone apps which contains many recipes for preparing the delicious recipes. So if you start using this in your kitchen you will learn many new recipes and anyone without any experience of cooking can use it to make great recipes easily. Not to forget that it comes with a non slip surface platter to keep the bowl of ingredients stable to prevent any breakage of utensils by movement of the bowls with hands while measuring the ingredients and item for cooking great recipes

  1. Umbra ispoon

It’s a cool looking spoon that comes with a stylus on its back to use it with all the smart touch screen device you want in the kitchen when your hands are dirty. It would serve as great tool to for referring to recipe on your smartphones and tablets without touching them your messed up hands in food while making the recipes simultaneously

  1. Smart gas grills

Everyone loves to eat tasty food and what better it could be than to eat delicious grilled food in tabletop gas grills on Sunday evening with your friends in your backyard with cool breeze blowing. with smart grill charbroil Smart chef 420 you can not only cook great food at your convenience but also manage the grill with your smartphone app as the grill comes with wifi connectivity which allows your smartphone to fully control the grill function easily with it like temperature controlling, notifications, alarms, various cooking modes and much more to cook completely juicy grilled food to enjoy with family.

  1. Hapi fork

Hapifork is a fork which is made to control your fast eating habits that outcome in a few drawback like stoutness, heartburn and obesity. It records all you nourishment dietary patterns like spoon serving size, time between servings, food eating time and some more .Moreover it cautions you with flickering led and slight vibration once you have a tendency to eat at high velocities in short span of time .You can see your information in regards to your dietary patterns on web dashboard or portable application once synchronizing the data by means of Bluetooth or USB from the fork is finished with your smartphone and website.

If you liked our collection of these interesting and smart gadgets to increase your productivity while cooking scrumptious meals for your family and friends then don’t forget to buy them and make your kitchen life easy and tasteful. Moreover share this with your friends to help them cook delicious food in kitchen too for better health and fitness throughout the life.

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