Get a PDF Converted or Created Online and Free of Charge

This scenario seems to happen to just about anyone working with digital documents on a daily basis. They receive information pertinent to their work in the form of a PDF, but need to extract this data out of the PDF and edit it further. It’s a frustrating aspect of working with PDFs, even though the file format does have many advantages. While the PDF is a universal file format that can be viewed just the same on any platform and it’s one of the most compact file formats, perfect for sending and storing data, it does have its flaws.
The main one is that it cannot be edited. Thankfully, there are online tools like the ones offers that can help you get out of such a bind. The site offers four free tools for PDF conversion and creation. Users can convert a PDF into three of the most popular editable formats – Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The website also offers a four tool for create a PDF out of just about any document format you have.

Get a PDF Converted or Created Online and Free of Charge
And while there are similar free tools available online, offers to very important extras with its free service: OCR technology and unlimited file size.
OCR technology is something that users commonly have when working with professional desktop software for PDF conversion, but it’s rarely offered as a free option. OCR stands for optical character recognition. This essentially means that you can take PDFs that were created by scanning physical paper and convert these scanned PDFs into editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. also offers unlimited file size for the PDF that you want to convert. So you can technically convert an entire PDF book for free using
These two features separate this service from the rest of the pack when it comes to offering a free online conversion. However, there are some other great features that the service prides itself on.
          Accuracy: Even though your PDF conversionis free, it is of the utmost quality. The formatting of your PDF is perfectly mirrored in the converted, editable file. No need to edit further before being able to use the new file.
          Privacy: Your email information is never given to any third parties. Furthermore, both your original PDF and newly converted file are deleted from the server after a period of 24 hours, which is how long you have to download it.
          Convenience: Your conversion is completed in just three easy steps.
1. Click “Choose File” to select the file you want to convert.
2.  Enter your email address.
3. Click “Start!” Once the file is converted, a download link will be sent your email.
While there are many online PDF converters around, there are few that have as many premium options as and even fewer that convert your file as accurately. Try it today!

Author: Thanks to Lucy for sharing this guest article with us.

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