How to Increase your Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

Hello friends, if you’re getting very traffic to your blog and finding a solution for it ? Then this article may solve your needs. Here I’m with the best working method to increase your traffic very easily just by adding a link. Do you wanna to really know it? I’m talking just about StumbleUpon which is the best & popular social bookmarking website in the world with over millions of active users. So it will be the best source to get and to increase traffic to your blog by sharing your contents to this website. Sharing is simple and is the best option to gain more traffic to your blog.

How to Increase your Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

So here this article will describe about increasing your blog traffic and to get traffic from StumbleUpon site. As all your earning depends on web traffic you should concentrate on increase it to high level. It can achieved by StumbleUpon. For example, if you’re sharing an new content from your blog to StumbleUpon. Then after few minutes notice your blog stats or your post stats. It will be increase at least 20+ views. Awesome ah..? So you can share content again & again and you’ll got more traffic from StumbleUpon. Getting traffic from StumbleUpon will also increase your Page rank & your Alexa Rank. Lets check it How to get traffic from StumbleUpon?

How to Get Traffic from StumbleUpon

Step 1: Go to StumbleUpon website.

How to Increase your Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

Step 2: Create a account and give some required details like Name,Email and others.

How to Increase your Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

Step 3: After creating a account there just Sign in there and go to Homepage.

Step 4:  Then go to Submit area and click the Add Page.

Step 5: Now add Your Content/Page Address and fill all the details.

How to Increase your Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

Step 6: Once filling it just Click the “Add this Page” Button and enjoy!

How to Increase your Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

Final Words

That’s it! By this method you can add many pages/posts and increase your blog traffic. For checking your stats or traffic from StumbleUpon go to Google Analytics and check. Magic! Most of the traffic will be from StumbleUpon, right?

Hope this article will helped you to gain traffic from StumbleUpon. Do you feel that still more information can be added here, then drop them in comments! Don’t forget to share your experiences in comments below too! Happy blogging 🙂

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