Get traffic to your Blogs or website with 5000 Backlinks for free

Hi Guys! now I am going to share How to get traffic to your website with Backlinks and this help you to increase the Page Ranks .BAcklinks is need to increase the traffic.But there are many site which give the backlinks for money.For that backlinks we should pay money.So many of them wasted money by paying.These Backlinks make small SEO to your site.

Here is the simple steps to Backlinks for free that to more that 5000 and more for free.Just follow these steps:


1) Go to IMTalk.

2) Then give your site address to get backlinks .

3) Wait for some few hour till the backlinks get over to your site.

4) Here you can get more that 2000 Premium backlimks

 1) Now go to Webmasterdeck.

2) Give your site infomation with keyword.

3) Here you can get 500 Premium backlinks for your site for free.

4) Wait till it complete.


1) Go to FreeBackLinkTool.

2) Here you want to become to get backlinks.

3) Then go to ur account And click Create Backlinks.

4) Give the information about your site and submite it.

5) You will get 500 Premium baclinks.

6) Wait till the end.

This is the way to get free premium backlinks to your blog or site.

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  1. Can you please explain what Backlinks are? And how are they helpful for any blog?

  2. Backlinks means your website or blog is pinged to various site and directories. If you craete backlinks mean people will click it and they can see your site which makes you more traffic.

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