GetResponse Vs AWeber — A Detailed Comparison Guide

GetResponse Vs AWeber

If you want to make your online business or blogging successful, you must need a mailing list and a email marketing tool to send emails to thousands of subscribers in seconds. Have you ever heard the phrase “Money is in the list” This phrase is not only for internet marketers trust me.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a small blog or you are a owner of corporate business, you must need a damn mailing list and a best email marketing service provider. Well it’s quite difficult to make the right decision while selecting email marketing tool. There are many good names — GetResponse, AWeber, Constant contact, iContact, and Vertical contact so and so on, God this list is quite long. In the article below I am going to compare two of the best Email marketing providers. Let’s have a look on the feature and benefits of both and decide which is better.

In this guide, I will be judging GetResponse and AWeber on the following criteria:

1. Overview.
2. Signup Form Designs.
3. Newsletter creation.
4. Auto Responder Ability.
5. Pricing factor.




AWeber was founded in 1998 and it was a big hit in the email marketing back then. In year 2011 AWeber was serving round about 100,000 users across the world and now the number’s been increased to 300,000 around the world. Some people claimed that AWeber is one of the best email marketing tools and surely there is no doubt in that.



GetResponse is also founded in the same year 1998 and by 2015 it has 300,000 people across the globe. GetResponse every time gets listed in top 5 email marketing tools. GetResponse is actively used by thousands of bloggers, corporate owners and many others.


As you guys can see that both email marketing tools have strong background and is used by number of bloggers, so there is a tie.



The Sign up form design of AWeber is loved by hundreds of people. AWeber has one hundred and forty beautifully created signup forms right now that attract customers to sign up.

Sign up form creation of AWeber is easy and simple, it offers 4 formats including inline, popup, light box and pop over. According to me most of the sign forms are not only beautiful but also save a lot of time. In addition to this AWeber has a great drag and drop editor that helps you to create amazing designs easily. But trust me there is no need to waste time on designing your own template as it offers number of amazing templates that attract your subscriber’s undoubtedly.


GetResponse is something new with an amazing outlook and layout using vibrant colors. When we talk about Creation of Sign up forms, GetResponse is opposite to AWeber. I didn’t find sign up forms more attractive. In contrast to the GetResponse have a great drag and drop editing option. It enables you to build each form according to your choice.

Winner: Email marketing is all about simple and easy in use and time saving at the same time, So AWeber is clearly a winner here.



It offers both plain text and HTML usage. Creation of newsletter using AWeber is quite easy as it does not require any technical skill. What you need to do is simple. Choose the beautiful template of your own choice and you are almost done.
Once you are done with the creation of Newsletter you are provided with two options. Either you want it to send immediately or to schedule it. In order to schedule newsletter, simply set the respective time either eastern or western


GetResponse focuses more on dynamic and response newsletter emails. It will be offering you 30 readymade templates. What you need to do is to select one of them and modify it according to you own choice and you are almost done. But if you are enough hardworking and want to design your own template. Just do it by using drag and drop option.

Well GetResponse have an amazing feature of “PREVIEW INBOX”. This feature enables you to preview emails before sending. Hence helping you in minimizing the chance of error. Wait, there is one more amazing feature of GetResponse and this is “TIME TRAVEL”. By using this feature, all emails will be sending out to the subscribers according to subscriber’s local time. See that’s amazing.

Winner: I would be declaring GetResponse as a winner here. As it has more customizable features and easy drag and drop feature. Moreover GetResponse also has hundreds of stock images enabling you to attach image into your emails. So GetResponse is a winner here.



Creating an auto responder is quite easy with AWeber. All you you to do is to create multiple numbers of emails and set the time. See the following example



It will be offering you the same feature but with a little twist. It enables you to decide each auto responder to be sent as

1. Time base.
2. Upon Clicking options.
3. Self defined goals( Click through rates and engagement level etc) .


Winner: Here for me , GetResponse is a better auto responder as it offers multiple ways to generate an email.



When it comes to Pricing, AWeber will be offering you a trail plan of 30 days for $1. In addition to this you will be able to utilize its money back offer which is valid for a month i.e. 30 days.
Below is the pricing details for AWeber:



GetResponse offers its users a free trial of 30 days. It means if you are not satisfied with the services you can simply stop using it without spending any penny on it. GetResponse starts its plan from $15 and offers emails to 1000 subscribers. Following are the pricing details for GetResponse.

GetResponse Pricing

Which one is the Better Choice- AWeber or GetResponse?

Here I am going with GetResponse. Because of its up to date features that helps to make you campaign or business great success. Moreover I will use three words for GetResponse here, It is cheap, cheap and cheap. Considering the categories above, here are the scores.

  • GetResponse is winner in 3 categories, Pricing, News letter creation and Auto responder ability.
  • Whereas AWeber is winner in only 1 category i.e. sign up form.
  • There is draw between GetResponse and Aweber when it comes to background history, both of them have strong backgrounds.There is no doubt that Aweber is one of the best email marketing tool, but it’s a fact too that GetResponse is a better option as compared to AWeber.Hope you enjoyed the review; Give us your precious feedback.
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