What is Google Chromecast? Whether it brings Internet to TV Screen?

Yesterday, While I’m watching TV News I came to Know about the Chromecast. Chromecast is powered by Chrome. By using Chromecast you can use the internet in your Big Television Screen. You can browse internet and even you can watch YouTube videos. You can use Google Play, Netflix, Pandora and Photos on HDTVs. What a great product from Google..? Awesome!!

What is Google Chromecast? Whether it brings Internet to TV Screen?

This is just a Sample for the Google TV Services. Google TV Services will be launched soon. Google has made some deals with  media networks to bring the TV Programs in Computer using Internet. If this deal became sucess, then everybody will buy Computer, Tablets, iPad’s instead of buying TV. And this will surely affects the TV Manufautres. But by using this service, it will reduces our costs for watching TV.

But, anyway in this article we’re not going to discus about Google TV Service. It’s just an small intro about it. Because, before knowing about the Chromecast you need to know about it. So, I started this article with an small intro. Well, I’m coming back to Chromecast topic. Chromecast has made internet comes before TV. This Chromecast is done by using a Plug in Device. Here, in this plug Google is using Chrome OS. So, this will bring the content just into your television.

This device is just like AirPlay. Airplay will help you to watch the video on other screen. The most luckiest thing about this device is, this device will works on both Android and on iOS. Awesome ah..? DOn’t worry if you have many or multiple devices. You can control the TV with every device easily. You can carry this to anywhere. It’s just like pen drive. You need to connect this device into your HDMI port in your TV and enjoy!

What is Google Chromecast? Whether it brings Internet to TV Screen?

For watching a video, you need to Click the Cast button. This device is so easy to get. But, for getting it you need to pay some price. In US it cost just $35.

Share your thouhgts in comments below about this new Awesome Device from Google. Here below I’ve a video which descibes all about the Google Chromecast. via

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