50+ Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps for Geeks

As everyone knows that Google product always rocks that includes Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the best popular web browser available for all major platforms including Android. The best feature on Google Chrome it is the user interface. Using Chrome browser is very easy for all beginners. This makes Chrome to stand top under best web browsers list. So if you love to develop more options in it you need to have some extra plugins or addons which will be available in huge amount at Google Webstore. Webstore is the best place to download all required plugins for Chrome browser. 
50+ Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps

In Webstore, you can find tons of plugins and addons for chrome browser. There can be downloaded and added to your browser without spending any niches. They are totally free to use with many features. As you can find thousands of plugins there you need to find the best one from them. Here this article will share the collection of top rated Google Chrome extension and apps that you must have on your browser to improve your browsing experiences. Let’s take a look over them mentioned below,

Best Free Chrome Extensions and Apps for 2014

#1 Vimium

The most important feature of Vimium is to allow the users to browse the web using keyboard shortcut keys by controlling web browser. Even you can also surfer internet and serach any quires inside web pages using shortcut keys. 

#2 Buffer

Buffer is a best app to share your favorite links and images on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, App.net and more. It will be more useful for those who are blogging because by using this plugin makes them easy to share their posts to all social networking sites. The only feature of this app is the scheduling feature, where you can schedule your post or update for sharing it on social websites.

#3 PushBullet

PushBullet is just like Buffer but you can do more with this. This allows the users to share links, texts, files, Google Maps, Checklists and more from Chrome web browser to your android mobile. It can be done just by hitting the PushBullet icons added at the top of the browser. This makes you to share files, photos and more files with computer via chrome browser. It will also connect your Google Account for future purpose. You can find more features which will be surely helpful for everyone who uses Android phones.

#4 Clip Better

This tool allows you to create separate snippet for every web page for sharing them with others. Every time all of us will share web pages by sharing its URL or link. But this is awesome way to share web pages by creating a snippet for it and it can be sent through Gmail. The sharing is nothing but, sending the web page via Gmail to others. You can call this as a email marketing or email services.

#5 Streamus

Streamus is an awesome tool for chrome which can make the user to browse the internet by listening to musics. Yes! This tool will allow the users to play songs in the background which make you relax all time. Even you can bring YouTube music player by integrating this tool on your browser. Another awesome feature added here is managing the YouTube account via this tool. You can all save musics and videos as your favourite playlist with your computer. 

#6 Mighty Text

Mighty text allows the users to send and receive SMS directly from Gmail or FB on your computer through chrome, if you install this app on your android device. You can read messages and compose new messages for free. It also offers the notification feature for receiving messages and for missed calls. It makes the device cool!

#7 Snappy Snippets

Snappy Snippets is used to extract the HTML and CSS for the all text selected by you. After extracting the codes it will redirect you to the snippets editors includes jsFiddle, Codepen and more. All you need to do is just select the text and click the inspect element. That’s it!

#8 Hover Reader

This tool makes your cursor hover when you keep it on any links and it will offer the page for reading mode in separate preview window. You can check inside the preview window and the window will disappears once after you move the mouse from that place.

#9 Bubble Cursor

This tool will allow the users to click the link on the web page. Then you have to place your mouse over the link. At the time the mouse cursor will turns into a clickable hand.When it appears you can click the link just by moving the pointer near to that link. You don’t need to highlight any text for pointing the mouse or to click the link.

#10 Dewey

Dewey is the best tool for bookmarking your favourite web pages. It can be used even as bookmarking manager or as search engine. All your bookmarks will be shown in grid style with the correct date, web page links and the time which was added to the bookmak list. You can even search for the URL which you have bookmarked before easily.

#11 dotEPUB

This tool allows the users to covert the web pages into different formats like EPUB or MOBI format. You can also convert any pdf files by using tool just adding your pdf files to Google docs. You can call this tool as an online document convertor though it converts the web pages to EPUB and Ebooks formats.

#12 YouTube Feed

This tool notifies the users when their YouTube homepage feed page was added with some new videos. Those videos will be notified with the uploaders and the YouTube channels. This extension updates the feed list every 5 minutes. Even you can filter your notifications and mangage the subscription list, comments and videos. 

Download YouTube Feed

#13 Hola

Hola allows the users to visit blocked web pages in single click. In many countries many websites may be blocked due to some issues.  As you know, China has blocked the most popular websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. But by using this tool you can visit these sites. Awesome! This tool is just acting like a VPN service but by hiding all technical details from ip address.

#14 Font Previewer

As the name implies this tool allows the users to take a demo with different Google fonts available online on their websites or blog for free. If you like the preview fonts, then you can add them to your blog because it will give the require HTML code right away. You can make the Google fonts as your favorite font for future purpose.

#15 Speak it

Speakit is an awesome tool for making your computer to speak for the selected text. It will convert the text into speech by detecting the language. But you can’t download the speech file or audio files.

Download SpeakIt

#16 Remote Desktop – Download Link

#17 Extension Manager – Download Link

#18 Feeder – Download Link

#19 MakeGIF – Download Link

#20 Hover Zoom – Download Link

#21 SpellBook – Download Link

#22 Quicksource – Download Link

#23 ShortenMe – Download Link

#24 WhatFont – Download Link

#25 URL Expandable – Download Link

#26 Page Rank – Download Link

#27 Google Dictionary – Download Link

#28 Page Archiver – Download Link

#29 Save to Google Drive – Download Link

#30 Personal Blocklist – Download Link

#31 Chrome Access – Download Link

#32 Web Timer – Download Link

#33 Project Naptha – Download Link

#34 Chrome to Phone – Download Link 

#35 Gmail Offline – Download Link

#36 Awesome Screenshot – Download Link

#37 LastPass – Download Link

#38 Cloudy Calculator – Download Link

#39 BugMeNot – Download Link

#40 Download Manager – Download Link

#41 One Tab – Download Link

#42 Adblock – Download Link

#43 Nimbus – Download Link

#44 NiftySplit – Download Link

#45 History Timeline – Download Link

#46 Task Force – Download Link

#47 Sumo Paint – Download Link

#48 Simple RSS Reader – Download Link

#49 YouTube Couch Mode – Download Link

#50 Chime – Download Link

#51 Video Tape – Download Link

#52 Scroll Marker – Download Link

#53 SoundControl – Download Link

#54 Cortex – Download Link

Well these plugins will surely make your browsing experience colorful and happy. If you feel that I’ve missed any other best extensions then drop it in comments and Share your experiences and thoughts in comments below! Happy browsing 🙂 
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