How To Hide IOS 8 Apps {Easiest Way}

Welcome back friends today we are here with a tutorial on how we can hide our IOS 8 apps without any software. As you all know apple has just introduced this new IOS version so there are some bugs which can be fixed manually and today we are going to do one of that thing only. Hiding apps on IOS 8 is very easy actually its even more easier than that of IOS 7 and as you know updating your Apple device makes it more better so we should update it regularly, whenever updates are available.

Hide IOS 8 Apps

Note : This Trick Might Work Now As Its An Bug Not A Permanent Issue. But After All It Works Fine And Will Work Fine Untill The Next Update For IOS Comes Up.

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Steps For Hiding Apps On IOS 8

As you know i already told that hiding apps on ios 8 is even more easier than that of IOS 7 and requires very basic steps to hide apps on it.

To hide apps on your IOS 8 device, you might be required to do the following things on your Apple Device without any software.

At first, You will require to open your IOS 8 main screen yes the application screen which is full of applications or the home screen of your ios 8.

Second Thing, Click and hold down any one of the installed applications from the home screen( which app you want to hide ) untill its starts vibrating 😛 actually not vibrating but wiggling 😛

IOS Wiggling Icons

Now drag that application on the desktop home screen as you are going to a make new folder now

Once IOS 8 will think that you are about to create a new folder, drag the icon or app which you want to hide out from the folder box towards the dock present below.

Drop the icon or the app in the Dock.

Now, That selected application has been hidden but the app will reappear when you will restart your apple device having IOS 8.

Note : To run the hidden apps on your IOS 8 device you will require to search that app on spotlight

All We Have Found In This Trick Is That This Is A Bug Which Will Be Fixed Soon.

Final Verdict

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