Hiding Your Profile Name on Twitter in 3 Steps

Making your friends prank for few minutes is an happy moments for all. That too making them to freak with popular social networks websites will be superb! As many of your friends will use social networking sites this can do better for making them shock for few seconds. You can find many trick for Facebook as it has many active users and a popular social networking website in the world. Now its time for Twitter, its also an popular social networking site next to Facebook. Twitter has been used by many big peoples you can find many celebrities too use it. So whats up?

Hiding Your Profile Name on Twitter in 3 Steps

Well in this post I’m going to assist you to Hide your Real Name on Twitter. By hidding your profile name in Twitter doesn’t going to do anything, but if you’re planning to do some innocent activities then this trick can help you. You can even change your name for some personal or privacy purpose on Twitter. It’s your wish! The best part here with this trick is so simple as like other Facebook tricks. One more thing, if you’re an verfied users on Twitter then you can’t change your name or hide it for next 30 days. So before trying or processing this trick, just make sure of it.

How to Hide your Profile Name on Twitter

Step 1: Login to your Twitter Account.

Step 2: Then click the Edit Name option.

Step 3: Now just enter “ ” for hiding your profile name.

Step 4: Then click the Save option. Enjoy!

Hope you’ve made your profile name blank on Twitter. So from now onwars only your username will be shown up for all of your friends. Hope you enjoyed this section. Kindly do some likes and share this article with all your friends. Have some fun 🙂

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