How to hide WhatsApp video, Audio, Images file from the gallery!

Whatsapp, has been one of the most widely used social messengers to send and receive messages and multimedia messages instantly. But sometimes what we users need is to hide messages especially images and videos. Now, for many of us, WhatsApp is much more than than just an app. it is private. And we would hate it for others to invade our privacy. Right? So what do we do, we can lock it. But even if you lock WhatsApp with App lock its photos/videos still appear inside the gallery.


Thus, it is best to be able to hide your media messages when you have children or other nosy people checking out your phone. Following these simple steps you can not only hide all your media messages and videos from the gallery but can aso retrieve them back when you need them. Here is a simple guide to hide Whatsapp photos and videos from gallery. Follow these steps and see how simple it is to keep your videos, images and other things private and confidential. WhatsApp images can be hidden from the gallery in the following ways:

  1. Install internet file explorer from Google Play Store – after you install this, browse to the WhatsApp folder in the internal memory. Here you will see folders like WhatsApp video, WhatsApp images, WhatsApp audio and more.
  2. Open WhatsApp images folder – now you have to create a .nomdedia, click on the +menu and select the file. Now all your WhatsApp images will be hidden from your gallery.

Now, if you want to hide your WhatsApp videos from the gallery follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp videos folder –In order to hide Whatsapp videos, open the said folder and create a .nomedia and click on the +menu and select the file. Now all the videos will be hidden from the gallery but if you still see the Whatsapp media messages then you have to clear cache for gallery app (Settings>storage>Apps>gallery)

  1. To see them back in gallery – If you want to see the media messages again back in the gallery simply open the relevant folder (i.e. SD Card0/Whatsapp/media/Whatsapp images or Whatsapp videos)
  2. Just click on the three horizontal lines on the left top to access fast menu
  3.  Click ‘Tools’. Turn on ‘Show hidden files’.  The file you are looking for will show up. Just long press and delete it.

Same can be done for all the audio files too. Now that you know what to do don’t waste time and keep all private photos, videos and audio away from prying eyes and ears. So, from now on you can maintain total privacy for all your media files and keep them away from all strangers and prying eyes. Follow these simple steps and you will see how easy it is to keep videos, images and audio away from gallery so that it is not open for everyone to see.  You can even share this trick with your friends and make their phones and its media messages safer. Try it and see how hassle free and simple it is.

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