Hide your Friends List on the New Facebook Timeline

Facebook, the most popular social networking site with over millions of active users. There you can add friends, chat, like and share your friends status, poke, and more. Many of your friends lives around the World will look on your profile details and also your friends list, before adding as your friend. So, you may wish to keep your friends list private on Facebook. For this case, you can find an tweak settings already given and many peoples are using that method. That may be suitable for the old interface on Facebook.

Hide your Friends List on the New Facebook Timeline

As you know, Facebook keeps updating it’s user interface and more regularly. These new changes make the users to think a while before change their settings which includes privacy. Note that, hidding your friends list on Facebook timeline will not hide your mutual friends. So what’s up?

So, now I’m here to share an awesome tweak for hiding your friends list on the new Facebook Timeline. Surely, this will be a better way to hide all your friends. Let’s do it by cheering our hands!

How to Hide Friends List on Facebook New Timeline

Step 1: First of all, visit your Facebook Timeline.

Step 2: Now, Check the left sidebar and at the top right corner you can find Edit icon.

Step 3: Just click the edit icon and select Manage Privacy.

Step 4: In front, you’d have got a pop-up message box. On that box, choose the privacy option set for your friends list ONLY ME.

Step 5: That’s it!

Hope you’ve worked out this method sucessfully without any issuses. If you’ve got any poroblems or questions bout this method, just share it with us in comments.

Share your thoughts in comments about making your FB friends list visible only to you. Do some likes and spread us. Have a nice day:-)

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