How to Turn Off / Hide your Google+ Profile Views Countings

I’m a big fan for all Google products! Always their product top at the list. For example you may take Android. Hope you catch my point! I don’t the secret behind their success, but they are awesome! Among them Google+ is a growing Social media website which is used to share content like other social networking sites. The only aim of Google is to make Google+ to interact on the web like other big social media sites. They achieved their task and improving more feature in it.

How to Turn Off / Hide your Google+ Profile Views Countings

While adding more feature they offered an awesome tool for counting our profile pageview counts. This tool will counts when you or someone else visits your Google+ page. This is great, but some peoples are not liking this tool. As there will be partiality between the account holders they are trying to turn off or hiding their Google+ view counts.

Well today this article will guide you to Turn off/ Hide your Google+ view counts, if you like! Let’s see how to make this task so easy,

How to Turn off your Google+ View Counting

Step 1: Go to your Google+ page.

Step 2: Then Click the Home button added over the top left corner of the your page.

How to Turn Off / Hide your Google+ Profile Views Countings

Step 3: And choose Settings option by scrolling down.

How to Turn Off / Hide your Google+ Profile Views Countings

Step 4: Come to last, there you may see Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed, just uncheck it. Unchecking will hide your Google+ view counts. If you want to show again then just check it!

That’s it! Your setting will be saved automatically by Google. Just after a few second check out your Google+ page. Magic!!

Making changes in this does not going to do anything, but if you love to have some fun then you can! So its your wish! If you have any queries then drop them in comments! Don’t to forget to share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers 🙂

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