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Have you ever wondered by most professionals are now switching to PDFelement for their PDF editing tasks? The truth is that it is now possible to replace Adobe Acrobat when it comes to PDF editing because the PDFelement has got all the features of Adobe and even more at an affordable cost. It is software that handles all kinds of tasks. For example, if you want to know how to highlight text in PDF, it is possible to be done in a jiffy on this tool. Also, you can edit PDF text easily compared to other editors.

Amazing Tool for Professionals

PDFelement is one of the reliable products of Wondershare. It is an all in one PDF editor with the capability of creating PDFs, converting PDF and editing PDF documents. In addition, the tool enables users create and fill out PDF forms. It also has an industry standard OCR feature which makes it even more amazing. In case, you are not aware, the OCR feature enables you to convert scanned PDF files into editable PDF document. PDFelement is available for windows, Mac and even iOS platform making it very handy for professionals.

World Class Edit Function

One of the major strengths of the PDFelement is its superb Edit function. In fact, when compared to other PDF editors, PDFelment Edit function comes out on top. The edit function includes editing both pages, image and text. Now, how does the PDFelement edit function differ from other editors?

First of all, you can accurately select what to edit. It’s the option of choosing the Line and Paragraph option to edit word, lines or text smoothly and accurately. Look at the screenshot.

Line mode:

Paragraph mode:

Secondly, When you edit text, the font of the newly added text will match with the original text automatically.

Thirdly, after editing, the preservation of the document format is guaranteed and all these are things other PDF editors just can’t do. In fact, this is one of the reasons professionals are switching to the PDFelement.

PDFelement Gets Better in New Release

It is important to state here that there is a new release of the PDFelement in both the windows and Mac platforms. These new versions of this wonderful software have even taken the capability of the tool to another top level.

Windows (V5.12): This is the newest version of the PDFelement for windows platform. It is an improvement of the previous version. It has fixed most bugs and issues experienced in the previous one. Now you can spell check after editing using the spell check feature in this version, use paragraph editing and apply some better fonts that were not present initially and lots more.

Mac (V5.7.0): Like Windows, Mac also has a new version which is designed to make PDF editing much better experience for Mac users. It has improved user experience and fixed some bugs that there resent in the older version.


PDFelement is simply the best and no wonder it is now the toast of most professionals. Its world class design and feature has positioned it to become the world leader in PDF editing.


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