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The cleaning of the home is probably the worst of all chores. It is not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of work. If you have a full schedule which often doesn’t allow you to tidy the various premises of your property or you are just not the biggest fan of the cleaning, there are things you can do to handle things better. The technologies are already a big part of our lives and they continue to develop really fast every day. Fortunately, the experts have already created special apps which   can come in handy with the organisation and performance of all home chores.

home chores apps

 Except the cleaning there are also different other kinds of chores which can be as annoying and unpleasant. The performing of even one of them can turn into a full day job, if you are not properly prepared. If the good organisation is not your strongest side, you can find great apps in your phone which are specifically created to help people in such and similar situations. It is important to know which ones exactly are most effective for the different chores and we can help you with that. We have chosen a couple of the best apps you can find, so feel free to select the one that you like most.

Tody – This app can help you organise your days, as well as assign different chores to a specific premise from your home. It offers you the possibility to create a list with cleaning tenancy cleaning requirements in SE18 and mark the progress which you make. In case you miss to complete one of the chores because you forgot or for some other reason the app will immediately notify you. This way you will keep up with all the work you have to do at home and won’t have to stress-out about the cleanness of your property.

Chorma – This is a very simple app which can be perfect for you, if you live in a rental property with a roommate. Chorma has a specific platform which allows you to create group activities. It also has a special point system which marks the progress of each of the participant and, depending on the final score, it determines who will pay less than the others for the different bills every month.

ChoreMonster – This fun app is created mostly for kids and their parents. ChoreMonster is based on a point system as well, you can reward your little one every time he or she performs some kind of chore at home. Depending on the preferences of your child, you can choose the prize yourself which can include vacation, a toy or something else.

BrightNest – This one is very similar to Tody and the other apps which create a list with the household chores and help you designate them for each day. BrightNest will also alarm you every time you miss to perform a task. Another advantage is that you will constantly have access to many useful articles related to the cleaning, different DIY projects and many interesting ideas.

The contemporary technologies can offer you all kinds of apps which can help you with the organisation and execution of all of your home chores. From cleaning to shopping and feeding the cat all daily tasks will be well-arranged and waiting for you to do them. You will learn to manage your time better which, on the other hand, will provide you with more free time. Whichever app you choose, it will definitely come in handy one way or the other. All of them are customer-friendly and have prices which are very affordable. You will no longer have to worry that you will forget about the cleaning of your kitchen or to empty the trash because your phone will definitely remind you.

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